Through The Mist

Frederik Magle

Staff member
Another short excerpt from the album "Like a Flame" (the last one in this round); "Through the mist" - a meditative piece, using some of the softer voices of the Jørlunde-organ.
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Frederik Magle

Staff member
After having posted excerpts from a few "high-octane" pieces like Origin, Towards Truth, and Like it Flame, I thought it was appropriate to show some of the scope of the album (and the organ) with two quite different, but both gentle pieces; This one, and Destiny.

Through the Mist plays for the close to 10 minutes, and I'm looking forward to the day when the CD is released when you can hear the whole work. I think It's quite good myself ;)

Corno Dolce

Admiral Honkenwheezenpooferspieler
Sir Frederik,

I am in total awe of your creative muse and your willingness to share with MIMF these your creations.

May the fruits of your labors bring you contentment that surpasses all human understanding.


CD :tiphat::tiphat::tiphat::tiphat:

Frederik Magle

Staff member
Thank you so much for the kind words and good wishes, Corno Dolce!

Best regards - and wishes for your joy and happiness in music to you too! :tiphat: