TINKICKER, TINKICKER, kick'em up again

John Watt

TINKICKER! TINKICKER! What have you done? You have sent from so far away,
to this fortunate son.
It's one thing to be typing away online, having transitions from online to offline,
but for the first time, for me, TINKICKER has broken not only international barriers,
but uprooted my mind, causing me some anxious times, making me question myself.
Please see the white package, supposedly a CD sent to me by Soren, a guitarist-producer.
Videos too.
But this isn't just a simple CD listen, no, I've had to sit back and figure out how I'm feeling.
I've been posting here at Magle.dk for over six years now, not steady, but only here,
something that's meaningful and important for me, as well as the level of musicianship.
I keep saying I'm working on sending a money order for some Frederik Magle CD's,
something I really want as a way to progress my own musical evolution,
just as much as I've been inventing and building electric guitars and amplifier systems,
for my sound, and I play how I sound, making all types of deep toned, moving sounds.
It's such a mood thing before it ever can become such a groove thing.

Soren, with this TINKICKER mailing, has done something that has never occurred before,
in my life, and I'm someone who sends things in the mail.
Getting this package has put pressure on me, receiving this gift not only for free,
but sent from Denmark, Frederik Magle's country, all this becoming a tight focus for me.
I used to write a music column and music articles for the local newspaper,
but I'm not seeing this as a potential review, and I can't imagine why you came through.
That's why I opened my inventive guitar case for the first time since last summer,
when I just looked, moving things around in my apartment, before a municipal election.
I have to look, if nothing else, to see the love of my life and remind me it's waiting.
I'm planning on setting up a build shop, after moving my after-election office out of the way,
so I'm using that as a prop for the TINKICKER package, to illustrate this elevated,
new mindset,
not that I know how it's set, and what mind is going to be left, after I open and listen.
Sure, you can say I'm just puffing myself up, maybe even going for promotion for TINKICKER.
Yes, I'd like to help this band, getting off on them here from the start myself,
even if I thought they were from Sweden, only finding out Denmark from the mailing.
Right away, this confronts me as a musician, as a player, making me want to be part of it.
It challenges me as a musician, wanting to get back with a song of my own.
I re-arranged my television with new wiring, using my second Sony CD and cassette player,
so I can lay on my bed in the dark with the headphones on, doing that with the TV a bonus.
That means I'm making more preparations to listen to this CD more than any other.
Is this putting pressure on TINKICKER, as in what will I think? It doesn't have to.

If nothing else, opening this package, as gradual as this might seem, and listening,
coming back to comment here,
is something I hope the symphonic and organ professionals here can use to open their minds,
beyond the paperwork of the classical tradition, to see what a modern band can be,
what it means to be players playing together, playing out of your own mind, your music.
Only I have ever sung my songs. I have purposely avoided and turned down recording them.
Now I am confronted by an online friend and his music, his band, his land.

Thank you Soren, thank you so much. This is more than just an extravagant gesture,
I can see that now, now that I've finally set myself down to accept your musical offering.
This is my first day of business in this new year, for auld lang syne, and for the good times,
and it's more than precious to sit here with TINKICKER's mailing in my hands.
I feel the world across the ocean, this domain becomes more real.
TINKICKER, TINKICKER, here in my home, you are the real deal.
And if you notice, I've got you riding the volume pedal on top of my guitar.
It's time for you to kick up the volume again, and let the font flow.
Don't worry. I won't be kickering about you where you can't see.


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Kick'in it back from Denmark... I'm glad you realized that we are from Denmark... and not Sweden... ;-) .... and talk about butterfly effect from the other side of the world... we are ' ( at least hope to be ) musicians... and its a good feeling that our ' message in bottle ' has arrived in your hometown... I must admit , that I feel a little pressure, but done is done., just be gentle to our baby .. however we are over the hills for the next batch of songs and concepts... new ideas and will hopefully gain more experience in the process. Keep up the positive flow.... thx... proud to be loud :) !!!

John Watt

TINKICKER, can I quote your lyrics here as I discuss your music?
If I'm using video, can your actual recording be heard here?
If I change words for a more North American approach to English,
and content, even adding verses,
would anyone be offended, miffed, have hurt little feelings,
or have one of their girlfriends say she doesn't like me?
Would me singing an acoustic version of one of your songs be okay,
especially if I am changing the words?
Not that I'm finding weaknesses, not listening to the disc yet,
but I am very left-handed and left-handedness will happen.

I'm not willing to take a chance with you Soren, and TINKICKER, my new friends.
To help me with this thread,
would you add whatever it takes to see any videos with this CD?
You can see by my previous video that I'm willing to uh, rock my own boat,
however gently.
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greetinx, from Ol' Denmark...

Watt's up...

Go ahead... take it to the left and rock your the boat..... We are not ´soft skinned´.. and our girlfriends have given up on the musical side of us for many years ago now...at the moment we are hanging on to the tree tops... as today we are hit by the second storm in two days...
In Peace, TINKICKER...


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mr. Watt... just found out that I know of a friend who have played with Frederik Magle... I know theres is video from the event... and this guy is really left handed... ;-).. really tal'ented... but do'es never work in a straight line......................

John Watt

Strange outdoor warm weather events and other musicians have kept me from my original intent here,
learning a TINKICKER song to sing it myself, just using an acoustic guitar, more about English and vocals.
Soren and I have been exchanging personal email, and I got new batteries for my video camera.
I finally got into this new scanner and I'm scan happy.

This is me onstage at a music festival in 1970, playing a 1964 Stratocaster I bought a few months before,
growing out my hair for the first time. I was helping my local music store with this event,
two stages with bands having an hour each, as a contest. When some bands thought they wouldn't win,
or heard other bands playing songs they did even better, three bands quit.
Everyone was saying to get my Marshall amp and Strat and let me jam with other players to fill in.
I was asked to sit in with the closing band, a local rock band, really nice.
This Stratocaster was first ordered new in 1964 by a Buddy Holly fan who traded it in three months later for a drum set.
Jimi Hendrix played '60 to '64 Strats, exactly the same as older ones, only having the thin-line neck.
If you notice, I used my father's hacksaw to cut the lefty side to deepen the scallop, for easier upper fret access,
something Jimi didn't do. I'm also not using the tremolo arm, not used to it yet, hanging down in front of the bridge.
The sunburst became black, using model car spray paint. Other guitarists got a little angry,
knowing I wouldn't be trading it back in.
I wonder every day why Jimi didn't get a lefty built for him. He built effects and a recording studio.
Sitting underneath the flatbed truck, eating subs and drinking pop with volunteers,
watching others sneak some beers, is a part of those memories.
Hey! I can be an attention junkie too, glomming onto TINKICKER.

Soren, Soren, even if you're soarin', please, please, I'm not a Mister or a Sir. I always correct people.
I say I'm not a Sir and don't want to be, and something tells me you don't want to call me Master not Mister.
If I can say one thing to you publicly here, about the differences of Denmark and Canada,
it's that the United States and Canada benefited economically from the world wars,
lots of wealth, and a society that got into partying, all the drink and drugs and sex.
Welland, my home town, was the first steel factory city in Canada and supplied steel and bomb casings.
Saying "continental" or "European" over here is symbolic of culture and social communities.
Even the word "viking" is now seen to be more about travelling the world, exploring and trading,
not just being brutal invaders and empire builders who were crazy to sail across the ocean.
As Mahatma Ghandi said, "western civilization, what a concept".
I may be an observer more than a partaker, but my language and slang comes from here.


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scan'away... and here on the pix we see that you take the left' handed approach seriously... today we have snow... this will help the light during the gloomy dark days that always hunt the nordic countries during winter... TINKICKER have made a deal for our first concert Friday the 13..... feb.. in Copenhagen... maybe the date is not the best... if you look at history..... but i'm sure it suits TINKICKER fine... looking forward to spread the gospel with a Marshall ...

John Watt

This is just a quick reply, happy to see your news about your concert.
But do not beware the Friday the 13th date, because you are on the righteous side.
When the Vatican decided to kill off Knights Templars across Europe, a real rival,
bishops were told to murder them at midnight on that date.
Knights Templars knew of this and left these dangerous cities,
taking their holy relics and wealth across the ocean to Scotland, above Hadrian's Wall.
Knights Templar had also found what they had been digging for, after many years,
under the ancient temple of Solomon, now just The Wailing Wall.

Unless you are just into sacrificial blues, wailing away at historic spiritual loss,
expecting to crowd surf amongst people now accused of Palestinian crimes against humanity,
being passed back onstage in imitation clone clone-drop pieces, you don't want that.
It is written that the Knights Templar used forty ocean going ships to transport themselves,
and the history of Christianity should be seen as vacating the middle east during those times.

I like the mist and the fogs of Lake Erie, my favorite moments being outside in the dark.
I can only imagine what night vision I would develop during your long winter nights.
Please keep me and all of magle.dk informed of your progress and provide a video address,
if you want you.
If I have to access a Copenhagen live tourist web-cam to hear you it won't be as nice,
because I've never seen one with audio.

One of the things I liked about your band right away is your poetic description of your emotional and interior self,
without the musical bombast or attempts to be generic pop as a signal everyone has to download.
I've never said this online, on Facebook or through email, but I wish I could be there with you,
even if it was me who had to lay on top of the equipment at the back of the cube van.

Uh, how about building up layers of aluminum foil, pressing it down over you to imitate Hans Solo,
when he was frozen into that silver block. I saw a fridge door done that way.
You could cut out the eyes and put a light that shines out from the stage,
stepping out from behind to play, maybe the whole band doing that,
or put it outside your girlfriend's house and say you're still watching her.


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Afraid of the mad Clergymen ? , no no, the templar knights , they saw in comming... we are more afriad of Jason will return... masked- and for the 54th time... maybe with jamie lee curtis as his mum..
if you stand here knockin' on our doors... you would be so welcome... to join our little party front row... regarding the fridge, we had that in the 80 's as a stage prop' full of beer and a skull... our singer wore a priests gown, striped later to the undies... all done in good taste and following the story line in the songs... and it ended with him dancin' with a blow up doll called Dolly... I promised none of this will be happening on the 13.2... we are not in the 80's anymore... thank Tor .. :)


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hi John... the seat in the front row is ready for you tomorrow... we are just doing the final gear check...gear check.jpg


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The Gig Friday the 13th, was great ... felt like kids in candy store well older Kids :) . unfortunately the feeling was abrupt destroyed by a insane action, in the name of terror in CPH city . Just in the area of where the gig was... people were killed ... so maybe it was our last Rockin' in the free world and the land of fairytales...


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We had not been playing live in 11 years.. the rust sets in ... but craving' is still there .. and we had a hell of a time... we want more... it's like climbing a mountain... just hope that the air is not too thin ... narh ! the top is too far away... we'll stop at the dinner- havin' a coffee... and return safely on the ground.. here's a video from the 13.2, one camera , but's live...
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John Watt

Soren! Wow! Incredible, simply incredible! My musical, and social heart, goes out to you.
I just logged in myself to say that I'm thankful for your last personal email, and I'll continue here,
but what you put up has surprised me even more.
My life has been similar. Someone put a drug overdose of three different drugs in food in my apartment,
in the Norwegian cod liver oil I drink, one of them for an entertainment factor, so I've been very sick.
That doesn't compare to the terrorist action with people being killed,
and me doing one of your songs and going on about my guitar isn't as good as your gig,
so wow, that's all I can say, Wow!
You keep it going. It's easy for me being older, doing things by myself, but you keep your band going.
The only thing I can suggest is to become a musical commune, living on the same property,
to be together as a band, and lowering expenses for everyone.

And forget climbing that mountain. Recent movies about Daneland have taught me about you.
You should strap that Marshall on your back and carry your guitar as you walk on the bottom of the ocean,
and visit me over here. Those underwater creatures should like your playing and carry you along.
And by the time you've finished your playing left-handed lessons with me, and walked back practicing,
you'll be ready to take on a new world of music.
My new Dunlop, original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face that I ordered from California came in,
the one Jimi Hendrix used, having Germanium, what makes a Marshall come alive.
I wish I could lend it to you and see what you could do.
Argh, my musical viking about matey, I wish we could jam!
Maybe I'll crush a tin can and weave it into my newly long hair,
and let it dangle and jangle everywhere I go, in tribute to you.


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John! Hope you are getting back to a new strength again soon...sometimes life is makin' the most unexpected turns... some good - some bad, but the sum of it all should hopefully give a meaningful stay here on this planet... regarding the terrorist attack, the attacker was killed a few days after by the police... His attack did not do his cause any good , in the public eye ... but actually there came a sense of 'togetherness' , that for-sure was not his intention.
Walking on water?... no you are right , walking under water is so much cooler... and we Danes have a history with sea creatures so maybe it could work ...
a Jam session sounds great.. it also can make the most unexpected turns..
stay.. safe..

John Watt

Right now, if we were jamming,
I'd start with this Am.
Low E string, fifth fret. A string, third fret, D, second fret, G B and high E as drones.
With feedback, the lower notes define the chord and the drones become active with effects.
I know, I know, some musicians still think you have to strum a chord to play it,
and not let a chord get carried away into the tone zone all by itself,
for a no rate echo eternity.
This is the week I want to be back,
putting up an acoustic vocal version of the first song on your CD.
And please, it's no longer just teasing when you're saying we could jam.

The Daneland sea creatures I'm seeing are either human looking, more like mermen and mermaids,
or are just big, pointy nailed hands and pale blue arms reaching up to grab you.
There are still what local Mohawks call "beautiful Mohawks", around Fort Erie.
I've only spent time with one.
A beautiful Mohawk is a native whose ancestors never drank the white man's fire water,
alcohol mixed with opium, or caught European diseases.
When I called Mohawk friends to say I saw a beautiful Mohawk late one winter night,
and he visited me in my apartment, they asked me how I knew.
I said I saw a native sitting outside on this freezing snowy night,
dressed only with track pants and a sweat shirt with no sleeves.
He wasn't shivering. He looked at me, and the tear that came out of his eye stopped,
and it glimmered like a jewel on his cheek. I would have given him anything I had.
He didn't say much, a strange non-verbal conversation, only asking for a couple of cigarettes,
and how I got the two eagle feathers I have taped to a cupboard door.

I said I had two friends who sold, living side by side, and a light should be on.
One friend, totally tight with his weed and ciggie sales, looked at this beautiful Mohawk,
and said can I give you some for free. And then he gave him some more.
And then he offered to cook him a meal.
This young man got up and walked out. I followed him to see where he was going,
but he was out of sight already.

Now I've been asked to visit the Mohawk friendship center in Fort Erie,
and discuss this event with a Mohawk chief and warriors.
A Mohawk bassist I played with a long time ago asked me about that.

It's more than nice when unexpected wonders balance out the horrors.

Before the white man came, natives had a North American communication system of shouting.
A Chief, shouting from the hills below Lake Simcoe, north of me,
could have a message travel to the mouth of the Mississippi and back in four days.
He could turn and shout across the top of Lake Ontario to the start of the St. Lawrence River,
in four hours.
Those natives talk about taller white men with red hair and metal helmets and axes,
who built a boat and travelled down the Mississippi, people they didn't want to fight.
They know of a grave of twelve red-haired men, all between seven and eight feet tall.

If modern life more than gets you down, our beautiful natural history can pick you back up.
Either that, or I'm still waiting to see Jimi Hendrix again, knowing he'd want to go two guitars.
I had to pamper myself. I moved my big Panasonic Cinematic, projection TV into my studio,
having a friend help me lift it up onto a small table I bought, using a 2x4 to slant it forward and down.
I'm using a Sears folding deck chair, nice to grab onto for gravity assisted chiropractic workouts,
and sit up front, the sound coming at me louder than before.

I installed my own deadbolt and got special permission to not give a key to the property manager.
That could have got me evicted, but government workers intervened.

Oh yeah! I grabbed a new DVD from the library, a new Metallica, uh, movie length music video,
and got right into it, the first time Metallica did that for me, even if seeing them in short hair is kinda weird.
I recommend that, catching a new guitar move from their new bassist,
walking down low, letting the guitar rest on your knee, aggressively moving towards someone.
You should see what happens when the camera goes into the arena backstage during warmups,
and passes by the room where the bassist is. That really got me going.

Type type type, talk talk talk, when I've still got some unused notes and chords from 1978.
You're a good friend Soren, now I want to give some back.
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John Watt

What I said about pampering myself, electronically.
I was talking to my northern Newfie friend who has an Inuit grandfather,
and a weekend Flea Market, really big,
telling him that I only switch my Altec Lansing speakers to my computer if I have to.
When I got going about wanting to listen more to help put up one of your songs,
and get into it with musicians who want to start a band,
he showed me some new computer headphones and let me owe him $15.

A new bassist, finally, who wants to get going uses two bass cabinets,
both with four tens and a fifteen. I hope a band works out soon.
He's also willing to humpback me up on bass,
using a bow to make marine mammal sounds to go with mine.
When I was deep in my poisoning, I answered the phone and talked stupid.
I didn't know I lost my online and could have lost my entire account and telephone number,
but generous action by COGECO employees, a media sponsor for me, unexpectedly,
saved everything. When I say I'm back, that's a big part of it.

Please, let me take advantage of my own posting to get into some North American adult pop talk.
I've come up with an idea that could make me wealthy in a global market.
A Michael Jackson custom light switch for your home.
There's a brown, suggestively shaped finger switch, sticking out from a Rolling Stones,
"Sticky Fingers" album cover inspired back plate.
When you want to turn it on, you switch it up, Jackson.
When you want to turn it off, you switch it down, Jacksoff.
If you go for your own disco lighting effect, flicking it up and down,
it becomes Jackson Jacksoff, Jackson Jacksoff, just like real life.

It might be time to put in this movie, yeah,
about a young female German country singer who is invited to Nashville,
only to have flight errors take her to Jamaica, when she can't afford to leave.
Sun sand and musical fun, it looks like a good one.
"Almost Heaven", a film by Ed Herzog, distributed by Mongrel Media.

John Watt

TINKICKER certainly knows how a fan can be fanned up into a fantasy!

Ow! I went through three 50 watt and eight 100 watt Marshall heads,
but I haven't been in the same room with a stack since the early nineties.
Literally. I should never have sold my last one.
I am calm, but for me, it's the movie volume I'll be pumping up tonight.

Okay, I just took a quick pic of what my amp looks like, in pieces.
The foot-switch on the right is something I made.
The plywood is what I put on the floor to work on it in my apartment.
And those Ernie Ball strings are there just to tease Soren.