What opera are you listening to now


I am streaming Der Freischutz at this link, which includes a synopsis.
It should be the same as this CD, but I don't know if the sound is better on this CD:

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John Watt

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I actually heard some opera twice today.
At the start of the new "Alien Covenant" movie,
the man gets his android to play piano for him, and he picks some Wagner.
The man names the piece, saying it doesn't have the same intensity without the orchestra.

I watched "The Accountant" later on, a kinda original movie starring Ben Affleck,
all the gun and fight violence not being the original aspects of it.
As an adult he listened to opera when he was alone in his room.
At least I thought it was opera. The soundtrack was as deceptive as the movie.

I can't read the foreign language on the CD cover,
but is this a previously undiscovered opera about a European composers' cruise vacation to the American wild west?
If that was modern horse action, it would be disavowed by the American Humane Association.
It looks like Paul Bunyan had a... oh... oh... bit part.

John Watt

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I'm seeing Florestan and Albert here, and that includes Faust.

Let me share my Niagara Peninsula, lead guitarist-vocalist version of that.
I've never seen Faust, not the opera, a movie, a documentary or heard the sound-track.
But Faust, as being named in news and articles and books and magazines,
has the same resonance as Dantes' Inferno, for how it influences my social culture.

Saying Faust is the best opera is a huge compliment, considering all the great operas out there.
And opera is a big part of my media viewing,
because now, even a Disney movie is made into a Broadway show or opera nowadays.
What opera have I seen, in Toronto, the Phantom of the Opera,
and I'm sure, for what I know of Faust, the Phantom would be a pop-opera for you.

You can see what I'm saying, so how Faustian can you get?
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