What's new??


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This morning the top of the forum page says there are "227 new postings since your last visit". Oh, really? There is rarely a new thread, and the postings are apparently either hidden or added to old threads. Am I missing something?


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I think there was a fair amount of action in the "forum games" section overnight. Lots of posts per thread. Looks like a lot of fun.




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That number varies from one user to another depending on the frequency of their visits to the forum. The number (227) you saw earlier today, are the number of postings that you haven't read, not necessarily the number of posts that have been made since your last visit. You can easily zero out that number (for the current session) by clicking on "Quick Links" at the top right of this page, then on the pull down menu, select "Mark Forums Read", and that number will drop to zero.

If you actually clicked on the "unread posts" link, another window would open showing all the posts that you haven't read (opened).

Ps: I am the one who moved this thread from the pipe organ forum into this forum area. :rolleyes: