Who is the worst heavy metal singer ever?


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Metalica is one of the bands I don't really like and Sex Pistles. The best
brittish metal bands were Def Leperd and Whitesnake.
judy tooley


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If we can include death metal I'd go with whoever "sings" in the children of bodom. Its just... terrible. They ruin any song they try to cover and any songs they do themselves are terrible :D

I'll go along with this one. Alexi Laiho is his name, and yeah I think he's probably my least favorite metal singer. Very grating voice.


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Yeah,that's too bad about Children of Bodom,they are quite exciting to listen to,otherwise.They are a talented,accomplished power metal band,dressed up as a thrash metal band!!Guess they want to be more popular with the masses,as anything in metal that is more negative sells better!


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Didn't Paul Stanley sing in Kiss? I didn't know Gene Simmons sang, I just thought he pretended to play Bass and stuck out his tongue. :grin:


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i love what ian gillan did on the STUDIO albums of deep purple, but to be really honest, he sucked so much with black sabbath. by the way this period was the worst of all for this band.


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I wouldn't consider Kiss to be heavy metal, although at the time they were gaining popularity they were getting all the right people up in arms about their image, which definitely had that heavy metal vibe. The music, though, just rock, and not all that good.
I spent a lot of time with King Diamond as well as a listener. I wouldn't call him "bad", but distinctive. I liked his storytelling dramatics for a good long time as a college student and a couple of years beyond. I've gone back to try to recapture some of that magic but I don't care for it any more.

James LaBrie I'll go along with. I can't stand listening to Dream Theater any more.

John Watt

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If you listen to Rod Stewarts' "Every Picture Tells a Story",
you can hear how Kiss went through every song to make a version of their own,
where oddly enough a slow song "Beth" became one of their biggest hits.
The fact that Paul Stanley went on to star in "The Phantom of the Opera" show his less than rock aspirations,
and Gene Simmons is more famous in North America for his lectures on how to make money.

I have to be honest here. I'm the worst heavy metal singer I ever heard.
I even stopped trying to do "Whole Lotta Love" Led Zep style and did a raggae version.
If you think Deep Purple were metal, sure, I did eight Deep Purple songs in one band,
but I saw them in 1971 and they're still hard rock for me.

Here's a nice blend of genres that highlights the difference in all kinds of styles.
I survived Ritchie Blackmores' Rainbow by not listening to them.

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