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Threnodi for klarinet og firhændigt klaver (noder, PDF)

$16,23 ($12,98 excl. Tax/VAT)

Noder med Frederik Magles Threnodi for klarinet og firhændigt klaver. 10 sider partitur i C + 10 sider transponeret partitur + 2 sider klarinet-stemme i Bb. PDF-format (kan printes).

August Finkas (klarinet), Rikke Sandberg og Kristoffer Hyldig (klaver). Liveoptagelse fra uropførelsen.

Composer’s Preface:

In May 2017, my mother, Mimi Heinrich, died, and within a few days of her death I began composing ‘Threnodi’. An unfinished version was performed at her funeral, but afterwards, I found myself unable to complete the work. It was too painful.

However, later that same year, I worked (subconsciously to a degree) on some of the ideas from the Threnodi into my fanfare for two trumpets and organ ‘The Fairest of Roses’. The two pieces are indeed related, though they remain individual works.

Finally, in 2022 enough time had passed, and I was able to complete the work and finish Threnodi which I dedicate to my mother.

Although a threnody (an ode of mourning), the music is far from solely being sorrowful. It is a memorial but also a celebration of the person being mourned. In my case, my mother.


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