Anastasis Mass – Album out now

My Anastasis Mass (Anastasis-Messe in Danish) has been released as an album, and is now available both as CD (buy here) and as streaming/download on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Google Play, etc.

The Anastasis Mass-album is the culmination of almost four years of work, and is a fusion of (contemporary) classical music, world music, hard rock (!), and more… With a touch of big-scale film music 🙂

It all began in 2013 when I was invited to compose music intended at confirmands in the age range of 13-15 years. I thought very hard about it before accepting the challenge, but the solution came to me surprisingly quickly. I decided not to try to “pander” to any particular age range – a hopeless task anyway – and instead focus on composing a creation- and resurrection mass for people of all ages, and with complete and utter freedom of expression.

I did chose to incorporate one specific type of reference which in particular negates age; the “sound” of film music, particularly big epic film scores! The Anastasis Mass is not film music, but I shamelessly use the idiom of film soundtracks in the way I create the sound and structure of the work, wherever it makes sense musically and supports the narrative of the work.

But Anastasis Mass is completely free of genre boundaries; In the postlude “Didgeridoo – Ite Missa Est”, for example, I use instruments from all over the world (try to find them all 🙂 ) intertwined with pipe organ and girl’s choir (both of which was recorded in Saint Paul’s Church in Copenhagen) – and then electric guitar, and drums. Trust me, it works 😉 but you need to hear it to believe it…

In a way it’s a freedom project. The mixture of the traditional music and resources (choir, pipe organ) of the church is of the essence; the work is not meant to diminish or do away with the tradition, but rather build new bridges between all ages and times.

The Elite Girl’s Choir of Hareskov Church and choir master Maleen Lundvig during the recording session.

Anastasis Mass (Anastasis-Messe) was recorded in Sankt Pauls Kirke, København (Saint Paul’s Church in Copenhagen) and Fast Beat Studio between February and November 2017. Sound engineer, mix and mastering by Rasmus Toftlund who also plays guitar on the “Didgeridoo”.

The performers are:

Maleen Lundvig (soprano soloist and choir master)

Hareskov Kirkes Elitekor (The Elite Choir of Hareskov Church): Rebekka Eltang Lynbech, Helena Elise From, Celina Møller Myrhøj, Cecilie Slott, Anne Cathrine Skovlund, Clara Rischel Preston, Veronica Lyneborg Vuust, Anna Jose ne Verdoner Larsen, Christiane Elise From

Fritze Steiner-Johnsen, priest

Nicolai Kjølsen, piano

Martin Petersson, drums

Rasmus Toftlund, guitar

Frederik Magle, organ, keyboards og electronics.

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