Fanfare and Anthem – F-35 rollout ceremony

Tomorrow, April 7th, is a big day for the Danish Air Force. It is the official “rollout” of the new Danish F-35 fighters – the largest single purchase in the history of Denmark – which means that they will officially be handed over to Denmark at a so called “rollout” ceremony.

At the climax of the ceremony; the reveal of the first plane, a new piece of music will be heard, and that piece is my Fanfare and Anthem “Skyward” performed by The Prince of Denmark Air Force Band (Prinsens Musikkorps) , conducted by Peter Ettrup Larsen!

Update: Fanfare and Anthem ”Skyward“:

The rollout ceremony takes place at Lockheed Martin in Texas, USA, but due to the corona situation the music has been pre-recorded and will be played with a video of the orchestra at the event. The whole ceremony is being streamed as well, and can be watched here (Update: The Fanfare & Anthem begins at 43:40):

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