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Thread: Insurance of musical instruments

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    Insurance of musical instruments

    Hi everyone,

    I have read something about the Insurance of Musical Instruments and I would like to know if the people in the forum would be interested in it and your opinion about it, if you would like to have one, what kind of problems this insurance should cover and your interest in it.

    Thanks for all

    Have a great week

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    Our church pipe organ is insured for about $250,000 (USD) as that would be today's replacement cost for this 1979 Möller II/9.

    My piano at home is covered by my home insurance policy.

    I truly believe that all musical instruments should be covered by some sort of insurance policy in any case ... whether they are in churches, synagogues, chapels or cathedrals and homes.

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    I too believe it is great to insure them as replacement can really be expensive as Lars pointed out.
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    Most household insurance whether you are a tenant or owner will cover your instruments at home. Check the limits on your policy. In England you are usually covered up to £1000.00 per item and more expensive items can be specified for a higher level. Also check whether you have accidental cover so that if you trip over and break something the insurance cover will still pay out. If you are taking instruments out of the house ask for all risks. Then you will be covered even if you leave your guitar on a bus somewhere.

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