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Oct-11-2011, 20:29
I have at last managed to load pictures and photos using MANAGE ATTACHMENTS, but I have quite a few e-mails containing short films etc which I can not load. Because they come by e-mail there is no link to copy and paste. Any way I can put them on the forum?

useless teddy

Oct-11-2011, 21:49

I think you should first download the file from your email account and save it on your HDD, and then log on here, go to Manage Attachments and choose the file you want to upload. Hope this helps.

Oct-12-2011, 00:06
Give that man a cigar ... Mat is spot on with his advice.

Just be careful about copyrights ... Danish law applies to this forum contents, which I think allows up to 59 seconds of copyrighted video or sound clips to be uploaded here.

Oh, I moved this thread to the proper area, btw.

Oct-12-2011, 12:39
Thank you both, but how do I download the file and where to. I tried saving them to my documents, and then moving them, but that does not work. Just pop over here and do it for me will you? Its not a lot to ask, is it?


Oct-12-2011, 15:01
Depends to some extent on your email application, some give you the option to download attachments with a single click, e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird lists attachments at the bottom left corner of the window, if you run the mouse over a file name it gets highlighted, left click and it downloads, other email apps may list attachments elsewhere on the window. In some cases you have to right click on the image or video and select either "Save as" or "Copy" from the pop up menu.

If the image or video is a link, open the link and highlight the URL on the address bar and copy it and paste it, if pasting it to a post here click on the icon of a globe with to links of a chain beneath it, if it is an image location click the icon to the right of the globe/link one, if a youtube video then the one next right to that.

Oct-12-2011, 15:48
Thanks Mike, I will try that. I am usually ok if there is a URL but most of the e-mail I get are just attachments.