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  • Hi Andrew and thanks for your response to my Emerson / Wakeman comparison question. I am going to listen to more of Wakeman's output--maybe on lastfm--as I only am familiar with him via his work with Yes, and not so much after he struck out on his own career. Your point about taste being a very subjective and personal matter is well taken indeed. Ciao for now--Steve :cheers::wave:
    Hi Steve,
    no probs about FB - take it easy, you need not to begin with it if you not sure about anything! Was just an idea; it is kinda easier for me to keep in touch there.

    For ELP , Wakeman - they are both great and it is, at first , not easy to compare. Wakeman was ( and is ) amazingly productive, I can't even say exactly how many solo albums he recorded. Alone the outcome is worth any respect.
    Generally I would still prefer Emerson - due to more complex chord structures, rhythmic etc. It is a bit like comparing Mozart and Prokofiev - who gave more to piano technique. Emerson 's music is by far more sophisticated as that of Wakeman, but the latter had lots of great melodic lines in his works. So...the matter of taste , to some extent...)))
    Regards, Andrew:)
    Andrew, hi. I just came across your 11-30-10 message to me in your section. I am still looking at going on facebook, although after seeing the founder of it last Sunday on 60 Minutes, I'm not that sure how much I trust its security re: keeping one's personal information from other unwanted persons and institutions. :confused::eek: But if I might in the meantime ask you--given your knowledge of both of them and music in general--do you prefer Keith Emerson or Rick Wakeman as far as their individual styles and contributions to progressive rock? Or do you consider them to be basically on a par with each other? I love both Yes and ELP. I had the absolute privilege of seeing ELP in 1970 at Carnegie Hall on their initial American tour, and to this day I remain in awe of their performance. Anyway, sorry to be so wordy; hope you and yours are well and to hear from you soon. Peace-- Steve. :cheers::wave:
    Hi Steve,

    now it worked at last! Had to be a kinda bug here, the "confirm" button did not function...Now it's okay, glad we can be friends! Anyway, if you once find your way to the Facebook...let me know! Cheers Andrew:)
    Andrew, thanks very much for accepting my offer of friendship.:) I'd love to take you up on your offer except that I don't know how to anything about Facebook or how to access it.:eek::confused: However, give me some time and I'll figure it out. Ciao for now, White Knight aka Steve.:wave:
    Aloha Andrew,

    Как хорошо - Спасибо тебе!

    George :D:cool::up::tiphat::clap::cheers::wave:
    Aloha Andrew,

    I read and understand Russian better than I speak it so please do share the link to that Forum if you be so inclined to.

    Respectfully yours,

    George :):cheers::tiphat::wave:
    Aloha Andrew,

    How are you? I am well after some needed "downtime" on a private island in the South Pacific - Without any distractions of modern technological life!!!

    Now I'm back in the saddle and loving it. May Blessings flow over you and yours beyond all comprehension.

    Much Love,

    George :);):wave:
    Hello: Andrew I grew up in America listening to Ray Charles and Nat King Cole there was a neighbor of mine who use to tease me and say I remind her of Oscar Peterson
    at the time I had never heard of the Jazz Giant Oscar Peterson and the radio stations in Wash. DC did not give much air play to Canadian Jazz at that time. I only wish I had the opportunity to hear him play live, the more I listen to his music the more I enjoy it, thanks to You Tube which has a large selection of his live concerts and rare recordings fans all over the world can experience his special talents.
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