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  • Hi Lars How are you ?
    I am sorry, I have made a mistake and posted twice the same thing in the classical music forum. Can you remove one please.
    Hi Lars
    I am confused, I believed Frederik wanted to be my friend, but in fact, it was only someone that suggsted me to invite Frederik. But Frederik is a smart man and he accepted my friendship.

    I have not heard my melody because I have not been to Paris since the carillon has been programmed, but I can send you the Mp3 of the song I presented to the authorities, made with a syntheziser. May be I'll place it on Facebook.
    Dear Lars
    two good news (for me) :
    1) I have been asked by F. Magle to be his friend on Facebook. I have very happy of such an invitation. I you are not yet my facebook's friend, please tell me, I think you already are but i am not sure.
    2) My music has been choosed for the bells of the cathedral saint-Louis des Invalides (Paris). this short melody (32 s) is played by the five bells every days at 15:15 and this ad vitam aeternam. The music is called "Carillon pour la paix"
    Your friend
    Hi, How can I set to show me the latest entries in, say, Pipe Organ Category?
    Mark B
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