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  • Hi Jean-Paul,

    This is the first instance of something like this happening. Everything looks and runs normal when I logged in today, and no warnings from my antivirus (Norton) or from Ad-Aware appeared.
    It would be next to impossible for a 'trojan' to attach itself to one specific area of the forum and not the whole site. The only explanation I can offer is that your AV software possibly detected an uploaded file in a posting that could possibly be infected. I always right click those myself and check before downloading.

    I'll mention this to Frederik ... possibly he has some thoughts on it as well, which I will pass on to you.

    Best Regards,
    Hi Jean-Paul,

    In your tutorial of 5 years ago, you wrote:
    "In a next tutorial we will see how to add Divisionals, tremulants
    ;* and how to use twice the same sample with the REF command."

    Did you ever produce the other tutorials? If yes, where can I find them?

    Dear Monsieur:
    I just read your profile. I feel really sorry for your disease, which made me remember a story about Schumann perhaps you know: because of its damage in his hand´s muscles -trying to strength the fourth finger- he did not become the pianist he dreamt to be...Thanks that... we still remember him for the music he gave to the mankind. And yours are also wonderful.

    The more we strive to survive, the more the certainty of getting cancer, if not Parkinson or Alzheimer. Just only -and only if- you still have good sense of humor, may read the following "plaisanteri" we heard around here:
    ¿What do you prefer to suffer in your old age, Parkinson or Alzheimer?
    -I prefer Parkinson... for it is so much better to spill out some liquor than forget where I left the bottle¡

    With my best regards,
    Re: Christmas Voluntary (2009 messages)

    I would love to get a copy of your Christmas voluntary! I've just found out I'm playing on Christmas day so am scrambling round trying to find some appropriate voluntaries and this sounds perfect for the offertory.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi musicalis. I love your Toccata negre. Is it in print? Keep up the good work!
    Hi musicalis. Thanks for accepting my offer of friendship. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. With highest regards--Steve
    hi Lars
    it is not goog to live in France these last weeks. no petrol for our cars and trains are on strike.i should have gone and seen my neurolog in paris but i have had to cancel my rendez'vous
    Hi J-Paul,

    I notice that yesterday and deleted the one that did not have any replies. Not a problem ... we all do that every once in awhile.

    How are things in your region of France? Hearing about the riots and possible shortages of petrol. Hope it isn't affecting you too much.
    Hi Jean-Paul,

    Great to hear from you ... and congratulations are in order for your melody being selected to be played on the bells in Paris. That's got to be quite the honor.

    I'll have to check on the Facebook friendship page ... just did, and I am on your page as you are on mine, too. I haven't had much time recently to spend on Facebook ... between work, church and helping to manage Frederik's two forums, and now being the president of our home owners association, my free time is almost non existent.

    Is there a recording of the bell melody played in Paris.

    In friendship,
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