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I can't believe you people in Europe hate America so much, maybe you wish you were still under the thumb of the Nazi's? It's veterans day. My grandfather faught in WWII so Europe could be free... Maybe Old Europe needs to shut their mouths, because we know whats good for them.... Just look at the Netherlands, the headcutters/terrorists or now killing people there, Van Gogh.... I guess Europeans can be acused of having short memories...


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Do you normally generalise when you talk about/to people you don't know and haven't met?
Are we supposed to think that all americans have the same viewpoint as you?


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I've heard this comment again and again. Let me remind you that US went against the nazis when they threatened american trade routes.

It would be sort of the same as blaming you for massacring the indians...

Times are changing. Do you think that it is without reason that something like 80-90 % of the rest of the worlds population actually is against Bush??

As long as the US won't agree on the suggestions of environmental issues as well as setting up an international court (ICC) then they shall not be the one that dictate the world.

US military has presence in 3/4 of all countries world wide. This doesn't make people happy. Currently they are doing a good time pissing people of. Actions in the middle east during the last 30 years haven't been nice, and haven't done the slightest to increase world stability... more the opposite.

Before you speak up. Take a look at which kind of people your administration are put together of, as well as the neo conservative think tank.. and as well look upon which companies that are supporting your government!

The Think tank is basically sponsored by companies like Carlyle Group, also called the ex-presidents club. Consisting of, for an example Bush Sr. One of the largest ventures of Carlyle is United Defence, that in itself is consisting of a long range of weapon manufactorers.

These companies, listing a long list.. have interest in supporting your government.. hence in this case.. the re-election of Bush. It is like investing in stocks.. they put money in the president.. they want something in return... for an example oil-field contracts.

I don't claim to you that the European Union, is a circle of angels. Not the slightest. The Union is far from holy.. the actions are just way more obscure. Before the invasion of Iraq.. French, German and Russian oil companies were trying to soften UN regulations, so they could get the chance to rebuild iraquian oil fields. This of course, the US was not interested in, and the US had the possibility to launch an assault.

"Democracy" is a franchise.. take neocon writer and member of think tank, Francis Fukuyama. His idea of world peace comes in spreading capitalistic democracy, entangling all countries in free markets, so the possibility of warfare gets way more difficult. Problem is that you are moving fault lines, to within each system itself. Not between nations, but between those who have economy and those who don't (read: Charles Kupchan, The End of the American Era)

Also.. when we are at the neoconservatives... Zbigniew Brzezinski's book 'The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives'

Brzezinski is also member of the thinktank, functions as a consultant for a lot of larger companies.. in The Grand Chessboard, he writes about the value and need for a largescale action (like sep 9.11) to make a complete change in american politics.. this book was written in 1998.. you might find it being interesting reading.

To Europe... the murder of Theo van Gogh... well.. we do have radical movements in Europe.. but what are you actually trying to say? that all muslims are militant radical and should be wiped out?

Are you claiming that america is free of radical right-wing extremists? I don't really get your point here? I don't see what this have to do with anything?

Also.. we, and here I'm talking about the whole west.. both US and EU.. we are benifitting from keeping other countries economies down.. in search for finding cheaper manufacturers. Each day thousands of people are killed, so we can get cheap shoes from Nike, crap gadgets made in China etc..

the biggest [censored] terrorist here in the world is our consumer mentality... do you really think that we can suppress the most of the world without them getting pissed?

Do you think that people gets cheerful when US goes on bombing campaigns?

Do you think that south east asia is going to be delightes that the US is building the largest military airbase (General Santoz) in Mindanao, Philipines, so it is possible to make a total airstrike mobilisation in one day to hit, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philipines or whatever...?

... and before you start talking about history.. remember that it was your own tax money you got directly back in the face sep 9.11..


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btw. PhotoFixer3 i googled you... and I'm sorry to say.. but you are an idiot. Trying to have political discussion wether or not Arafat is gay at the "free republic" website.

Come on.. if you want to debate politics.. stop throwing bullshit around you.. read up on your homework instead of being a redneck loser, and then come back and post some..

It is your kind of types that makes people in the rest of the world anti-american..

I think this is a shame.. because I know a lot of american people I really like.. claiming that everybody from the US is morons, just because of an argument with you is the same as claiming that all arab people are terrorists..

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OK, people, don't force me to lock this thread!

Although I very strongly disagrees with Photofixer's generalization about European people and sentiment, don't resort to adhoms, Priest. Calling Photofixer degeratory names is not anymore serious political discussion than what you accuse Photofixer of!! Don't do that again on MIMF.dk.

Everybody please read, or re-read, the posting guidelines before continuing this thread.


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The International Crimal Court? Why should Americans be subjected and tried by terrorist states like the Sudan and Iran? Have you heard of the oil for food scandal?


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I want you to go watch the DOCUMENTARY WMD – The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein.... It was created by a man from Iraq. Then you will see why we are there and why the people of Iraq are happy Saddam is gone...



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though I will put a strong question to the fact that Iraq had WMD (except from the ones that was granted to them by US in the first place)... we can both agree that Saddam wasn't mister Nice Guy.

Personally I am not against war if the war is rightous.. but the american invasion of Iraq was outright stupid. Let me explain...

Due to american-israelian alliance as well as US oil interests in the Middle East, the relationship between middle east and US is not only a little tense but very much indeed.

With a republican government as spearhead in America.. and you know how much religion matter in the US.. see for an example the current election where Bush got re-elected merely on stating his love to God. ( I could go on with a whole other discussion on the paradox this present and state that the guy is far more Antichrist than representing God.. but that must be another discussion).

Anyway... US is religious.. they walk in on islamic soil.. this is bad. The war becomes twisted into being economic/religious interests confronting religion. This is dangerous.

Take a look at the Palestinian-Israelian conflict.. religious conflicts just don't settle.. they spread.. filling hearts all over the globe with spite.

I know UN is working slow sometimes.. it is.

But US going around the UN.. then they are to blame for each of their own soldiers who die. There's way to much to raise question about in this invasion. It is not without reason that some of the camps are named after oil companies.. come on.. Camp Halliburton.. give me a [censored] break here, and don't whine about liberation.

Taking over Iraq was pretty easy. But.. the US haven't really thought it through.. or else they didn't really care.. Oil is far more worth than lifes. Even before the invasion Paul Bremer said that as long as there was US presence in Iraq, there would be critical elements. Basically I don't even think that your own administration believed in it.. according Brzezinski.. invasion of Iraq would be a statement towards Syria and Iran.

But how much does this statement work, when everything is going bad?

Doesn't it only further destabilization of the world?

I have several friends that was in Iraq with AMF (armed mobile forces). Between british and danish soldiers the US soldiers were a joke. Their fire power being effective enough.. no doubt there.. but platoon after platoon of trigger happy psychos. Their whole war discipline working like I love this forum. How do you explain to people that you are there to liberate them, when things actually get worse after you enter.

Conclusions.. yes... there's reasons to wipe out Saddam.. but do it in a proper way. Don't be nationalistic towards the values of larger corporations. That is just plain stupid. They care about profit.. not about liberation of anybody, not of your values or anybody elses.. just profit. Can you be any means explain to me why Shell, Exxon, Halliburton etc.. should really care about you?

Two more thing.. before you stand in line to hail to the chimp. First: consider 2 words... propaganda and indoctrination... if they want you to do something, they will make you believe it is the right thing. Second... while you recommend me this movie, and I will try to see if I can find it.. then I will recommend you to watch an old nazi propaganda video by Lena Riefenstahl called Triumph des Willes. See all the soldiers lined up in front of the Führer.. proud.. see the smiles on their faces. Think of that before you stand in line

About Arafat. I have some israelian friends I'd been discussing this with a lot. If you want to do something about the israelian-palistinian conflict.. you have to remove both Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon. They don't contribute with anything except hatred. They know nothing else than war.

What I wrote to you earlier was not a defending of Arafat.. it was just the fact that I proclaimed that your way of debating was low..

Remember that Ariel Sharon is not a nice guy.. he actually got thrown out of the israelian military for being to radical in his measures.. don't ask me how the guy made it as president. Remember a thing like the 7 days conflict.. bloody [censored] mess where Sharon was in charge of hiring mercenaries to go rampage in palestinian prison camps, so Israel themselves wouldn't get dirty hands...


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First of all, The US Military is the best in the world. IF the War was over OIL why are oil prices still so high if we were there to just steal their oil? Iraq's Oil is being used to reconstruct their country, along with Billions of US Tax Payers Dollars. How much has your Country pledged to rebuild Iraq? Are you people racists that believe Arabs can not live in a democracy? We here in America believe people should be FREE and that people should govern themselves, we are making sacrifices so the Iraqi people can do just that. I feel you have a very twisted sense of America, and you listen to wacked out people who match your hatred, and pull sound bytes off other people to make your point. Come to America, mingle with the people, you will find those who agree totally with you and others that DO NOT. My invitation come to America the land of the free, home of the brave...


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Eehhhmmm Denmark has soldiers in Iraq too! If the US is so great, why ask for help?

The $ is very very low because of Bush’s politic and that costs jobs in the U.S.

Think I will let Priest try to explain, why 79% would have voted for Kerry and only 7 % for Bush in DK.



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Denmark does NOT vote for the American President! LOL... IF your country was not socialist maybe your economy would be better...


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Denmark has soldiers in Iraq too!

And we thank you for the support! We ask for help so people like Priest wont say we are "going it alone" or "taking over other countries" Thanks to Denmark for their sacrifices along with the 30 or so other nations with us... Great Britain, Australia, Poland
and others...


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I only have time for a short reply.

First of. Danish economy is (compared to size of the country) one of the best economies in the world. Even if we are living in a sociodemocracy... and we don't have viking reservoirs and polar bears running free... ( wtf are you mistaking of us... )

I would even dare to say that our way of democracy is way more democratic than your capitalistic based bullshit... using a 1/4 of each election period on election propaganda.. this is just plain crazy.

Why the oil prizes are so high if this is about oil interests? Well.. the invasion is not going that well is it?


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Priest, i'm sorry.. I tried with you... gave you a decent chance, you have proven yourself to be an idiot... Iraq is Pumping out more oil now than pre-war levels... again when you don't have the facts you try and gloss over things... I know some freaky liberals like you... My advise, go see a shrink....
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