ASCAP's Mafia-Like Control Over The Music Industry


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The same thing happens over here in the UK. It is alright to buy a cd and play it at home, but try and play it to a group of people and you fall foul of "The Performing Rights Society."

Quite often if you go to the hairdressers they have music playing, they are now being told they shouldn't be doing that, even if it is on the radio. All because they are sharing it with the public, I agree that if you buy a cd the money has been paid.

As CD quite rightly put the artists and composers do not see the majority of the money.


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I see absolutely no difference if one person in a room listens to the radio or 1001 people in a room listening to the radio - Something is horribly askew with the current legislation. The madness must stop RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wait until you see a big business sign with the CBS eye looking at you.
Then you'll know some of your local advertising dollars are going to U.S.
That's them, not you.

Nice thread. I can only agree.