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A second Jo much for opening the market, even in my small village there are empty shops, juvenile crime etc. most of the jobs have migrated to the cities and the manufacturing off to China, absolute madness all for consumerism and the dollar, utter greed. end of mini rant
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John Watt

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To be specific, and agree with millions so he suffers no inappropriate association with me, no I don't know him.
I was just riffing offa what was typed already. I'm glad calling him a guitarbot didn't set him off on a page rage.

When I attended rehearsals for a Mayan flute band, I heard music that was thousands of years old, and very jazzy.
They were calling down the wind of the mountains, and I felt it.


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I think "free jazz" was expressing a lot of anger. Even very late Coltrane, like Interstellar Regions and Ascension. They were also spiritual. I think it was the black man's attempt to "take jazz back" from all the people, cultures, and industries which had assimilated it, and transformed it into entertainment, and commodified it.

They wanted jazz to once again be the artistic expression of black Americans, and not the soundtrack for TV shows like Peter Gunn, Mannix, and Perry Mason.

John Watt, no harm done, riff on brother.
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