Happy valentines day


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I wish all who celebrate Valentine's Day warm greetings and love for all mankind ( we need more these days world wide )

John Watt

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wljmrbill! I'm here to agree with your sentiments.
Valentines' day can get to be excessive here, having more to give to the hottie in your life,
when a love for mankind is what we need.
Despite my very verbal and outgoing self, acting as much of an operatic life as I can,
with some pop rock thrown in, I really do maintain a sense of privacy about myself.
This valentine season, people are surprised when I say I don't have a girlfriend,
don't have any family, and don't have any love in my life, not loving or being loved.
That's not a love of mankind, something that can never die.
Calling myself a "born-again virgin" is part of my comedy routine, now more of a joke than ever.
All I can do is fantasize about being able to travel south,
to where those carob trees drip chocolate on the ground,
and believe me, nothing will stop me from buying my own chocolate.

You wanna know how I'm going to party on Valentines' Day?
Dollarama has coconut chocolate bars made in Turkey, nice and chewy.
They're two for a dollar, each having three sections.
I like to break each section into three, a nice bite size piece, and put them in popcorn.
You'd be surprised how much they melt and get buttery and salty, really nice.
Making popcorn is the only time I use salt and butter, so that's a treat, using lots of butter.
I'll be watching some "Heartland" episodes, having two seasons.

There is the love, but it's not something everybody on this earth is sharing.
It's time we got Cupid to put down his bow and arrow and start to follow His light and love.
"In Him was light, and the light was the life of men".
Your spiritual host doesn't have an address. Only you can find where your heart goes.
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Greetings, Bill ...

Love for all mankind is certainly needed these days . . . I get a stomach ache reading the news . . . so much unrest and hate.

Still with "my valentine" going on 15 years that we've known each other. Feb 16th is our 11th wedding anniversary.

Hope all is well with you ...