How did you find this forum in the first place?


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I did a google-search because I wanted to find out more about my piano :) Now it seems I'm here to stay :smirk:


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I was perusing the PIPORG-L site. Following the 'Links of Topical Interests' there was the entry "a Danish internet forum about organs". Being of Danish ancestry myself (I have a cousin in Copenhagen) I was doubly interested in where that hyperlink would take me ... I was intrigued by what I saw and joined up immediately. Best music related forum I've ever seen :cool: !


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A friend told me about this forum. I was looking for contemporary composers and singers.



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I was using google to look for information on a piece of music (I don't remember which one) and it was mentioned in one of the threads here, so it came up in the results list.

Gary Blanchard

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I have been a member (and moderator) of an on-line banjo forum for years. Now that I am back to working on my more serious composition, I was hoping to find a forum composed of musicians and composers. I did a Google search for "composer musician discussion forum" and found this forum. I look forward to learning and sharing with you all.


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I was looking for a film music forum on the net and, since no results in my mother tongue were provided (it's Italian), I "stumbled" into this one. Needless to say, I found it interesting. I saw that there is a classic music section too (I love J.S. Bach), and decided to join. I'm not new to forums (I'm a moderator in an Italian forum dedicated to cinema), and thought this might be a pleasant experience, able to improve my knowledge as far as music reviews go too. And, well... that's it. :)


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How did I find this forum?

How did I find this forum? I was new at playing the organ and I was looking
for organ music on line when I stumbled upon this websight. The rest is
history. I've had a ball so far. I'm still looking for new music to listen to
and play. The Church's pipe organ has become an old friend by now. Even
though I still have trouble reading music. I play it by ear when I get a
chance. Instead of the alter at church I always either sit at a piano or
the pipe organ to do my daily devotion. If you want to see what this
Methodist church looks like, look up my profile or art gallery.
judy tooley;)


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odd... I was searching for a serious music forum after an AMV (anime music video) of mine got blammed (low score) on While I was over at a relatives house and I came across this little gem.

It is amazing this is one of the only true music forums on the internet. When you look for music forums, all you get are forums that don't even last a month.

You make me proud magle music forums.


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I was searching for reviews of the cd Imperfekt by Prime Mover, as I have been sent that cd to review by (it hasn't arrived yet). I wanted some background information. And this is the site I found.

Corno Dolce

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I just stumbled onto it by accident - Man, what a lucky guy I am - I love it here.

Cheers and Salutations,

Corno Dolce

Corno Dolce

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Hello crymioba,

Welcome aboard the Starship MIMF where everyone is a star. Please do make yourself right at home.


Corno Dolce


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This site was recommended to me four days ago by a friend, so I figured a new year come 2008 demanded for new contacts. The site is great Frederik.


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I was actually looking for a jazz forum but it didn't took long for me to figure out that there is much more than just jazz on this site. Dear Frederik, now I think I'm addcited:). Thank you very much for this forum.


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I was browsing the net, looking for some classical music forums, stumbled upon this place and though it was quite interesting...


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I had found an organ on Craig's List that I was interested in buying. The pic of the organ wasn't very good and the seller wasn't sure of the model of the organ. I googled and checked some different sites. The fact that there was a portion of the forum that deals with Hammond organs led me to post the fuzzy pic and see if anyone might be able to identify it for me. After only 1 day, KH responded with the info I needed as well as a link to a clearer pic of the organ. I researched it further and decided to purchase said organ. I will be taking delivery any day now. It has been in storage in Montreal and the moving company has their busiest day of the year today, as it is "Moving Day" in Montreal. I am very much looking forward to having it delivered and start using my feet again when I play.

What enticed me to join was the fact that this was such a diverse place with more info than I could imagine...and everyone seems so genuinely nice.



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I have to admit it! Through a search engine, just looking for imformation. Which I found in abundance on these forums. Now I am hooked, Why? Because I am very impressed by the kind and friendly atmosphere here.

Regards Raymond.:):):):)