How does one unsubscribe


Strange request, saw the same on another forum, the suggestion there was just don't bother logging in again, the poster on the other forum was worried that his email address might get found by hackers so he was trying to limit his exposure so to speak.


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Good point, Mike ... and to add, members of MIMF can set their own privacy levels in regards to blocking emails, blocking private messages and visitor messages. The admins are not at liberty to reveal privacy settings for any member on the public boards, but we are certainly willing to discuss the matter(s) individually via PM with any concerned member.

If a member is sufficiently concerned about their existence on this forum, they need only PM an administrator and we can delete their account. Doing so completely removes the [former] users profile information/page, which once deleted, cannot be undone ... once it's gone, it's wiped from the servers.

Of course, they can also just not log in, too. A new users name will now show up in the "Member's List" unless they have made at least two postings.
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