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I have noticed that since I really started to listen to and appreciate classical music for the first time in my life--over the past 2 months or so--that I also seem to have developed a more "discerning ear"--for want of a better term--when it comes to listening to jazz, which is really my original "love". What I mean by this statement is that--at least in my estimation--I am now more adept at picking out themes in jazz pieces and am more able to hear how they develop and/or morph into something else than I was before I started "getting into" classical music to the degree that I have.
Have any of my fellow members had a similiar experience? And--if you have--to what quality of classical music would you attribute this heightened sense of awareness or sensitivity? Are there certain intrinsic qualities in this music or its structure which might help explain this phenomenon?
I would really appreciate some feedback on this question/observation, as I don't want to be deluding myself in believing that somehow classical music has honed my listening skills vis a vis other music. Thus, if others have indeed undergone a similiar type of experience or transformation, then maybe I wont think of myself as being so crazy after all! :nut:


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I think as classical is more complicated than Jazz/pop/rock etc (and I am not wishing to offend followers) your ear does become attuned to following multi lines of music at the same time, a St Qt is a good example try listening to say just 1 short mov following first: Violin 1 then Violin 2, Viola and finally Cello, it's easy, you also become familiar with structure e,g Sonata form, yea Classical is King


I think I developed the ability to follow a line more from singing in choirs and choral groups, I often find myself humming the alto line when listening to a piece. I would imagine the same ability would be present in most people who have sung or played in a group, choir or orchestra.


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Mike, I do agree choral is a fine way to distinguish different lines


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I find that many lovers of classical music are also admirers of jazz. In my case I came to jazz after learning by exposure to appreciate chamber music (quartets and such). Probably for that reason my preference is for small jazz ensembles of varying instrumentation. I do not care so much for big band or jazz vocals. I agree with our good friends JHC and Mike about following the individual lines in quartets or choral pieces is a good learning experience. It will help in finding the lines in larger scale compositions. I know my choral experience has helped me.