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    Frederik Magle


N.A.S.A. N.O.T.I.S.T. Scientists: a nuclear organ peace project.

John Watt

What I'm describing as a new musical consciousness for humans, and requesting a new forum for it,
can be found in both "Classical Music" and "Progressive Rock", the two categories I'm seeing as blending the most.
My new forum request is titled "Symphonic-Electric", with "This is a request for a new Magle.dk forum" as a title.

I'm seeing YouTube as aiding and abetting this new use of residential technology, self-made music videos,
far more than any radiation from The Nuclear Organ For World Peace, thank our lucky stars.
I know, in America, it's nuclear power plants that are generating most of the electricity used there,
so there is no getting away from it, but let's take advantage of YouTubes' windows to the world while we can.
Part of American online activity, the world wide web that is getting stickier all the time,
is knowing that sooner or later it's going to crash and become pay as you go.
You're already paying a lot for what is processed electricity, but you're going to have to pay more.
Netflix is already there. When is Facebook going to go the video route and produce their own episodes?
That's when advertising revenue, already falling, is going to make them pay to be a member.

When it's technology motivating musicians, whether it's rock star electric guitars being used to play classical compositions,
or people turning a camera on themselves as they play and sing originals to covers as they make a YouTube video,
that's a far better thing than live bands being out there just for the sex and drugs and rock and roll.
As I say at the end of those semi-lengthy postings, if you feel the way I do, you'll want to reply right away.
Go ahead! Make my day, as nuclear waste from melt-downs and failed containment flows into oceans around the world.
I may be trying to start a new forum, and it would be my favorite,
but The Nuclear Organ For World Peace is still pumping away... and I'm starting to glow with new content.
Geiger you later.
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John Watt

This video is a tribute to JHC, a member here from New Zealand.
It took a lot of slowing action here before he started getting into it with me,
because he was an upright bass player into jazz and a true gentleman, unlike me.
He helped me get this thread going when I decided to start posting somewhere I never did before,
because I'm not an organist or classical musician, even if I can play and sound that way on electric guitar.

This video shows how beautiful New Zealand is, just like the country property JHC has,
and these men act with the same, low-key, relaxed attitude JHC always demonstrated.
JHC hasn't done any postings here for a long time, so his disappearance is also a mystery.
I'm going to keep following this discovery, and see if they find any beer bottles.
That would be a clue.


John Watt

Everything that's ever radiated out from speakers onstage and in studios in England and the United States,
is now radiating throughout the world, echos of classic rock being heard in the most unexpected places,
and that's unexpected in the sense that who expected to hear a Deep Purple song being played by street musicians,
using portable amplifiers. Deep Purple was adult music and they wouldn't have been played on AM radio,
until FM came along. Playing on the street is a street, or family crowd, and that wouldn't be Deep Purple.
These guys from Santiago Chile are very very good, at least for playing a Deep Purple song.
And they pull it off with just a guitar, no keyboard, when it's a heavy keyboard song.
I feel a little sorry for these guys, working so hard, going against their cultural upbringing,
because playing a Deep Purple song isn't really going to get them anywhere.
Look at them, just like every other street musician, playing for free until you give them a tip.
If they were doing anything original, there might be some interest from a club or studio.
I'm saying if they used some of their authentic musical background, giving it a foreign flavor,
it could only attract more interest. They're seeing themselves up there on YouTube with Deep Purple,
but that's all they're doing is seeing.
I'm wondering who rode his bike to the gig. We have a lot in common, even if it's very old for me.
Why? Because I'm an old man! Huh! Did I say I saw Deep Purple in 1970? 1970? You hear me sonny?
Oh yeah! Why do I like these guys? I'm doing the same thing,
strolling around with a beater Strat and a portable BOSS amp strapped over my shoulder,
but I'm not playing Deep Purple unless I get a request, and yes, I've been doing Smoke on the Water,
even if it's too easy to update the lyrics to be smoking more than classical rock smoke.
And when I say I'm looking for shade, that's old school, not trying to shade you or anyone else.
When fretting fingers get too fretful, it's too easy to fall into a picky picky trap.
I might put a small rod and reel on my outdoors guitar and fish off the Main Street Bridge while I play.
That would give me a new line to riff off about.

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John Watt

It's not just the nuclear radiation of our lives, where a Geiger counter goes off anywhere on earth,
but the digital invasion of online and social media that invades every aspect of our lives.
This article is truly sad.
It describes how veterinarians, mostly in the United States, and around the world,
are committing suicide at rates two to four times more than the average.
This link to a New York newspaper describes this in more detail,
but basically, it comes down to student debt that's so big it's carried for life,
and the fact that social media, where pet owners complain about veterinarians,
is making their lives insufferable.
Also, wanting to be a vet because you care for animals and want to help them,
makes it too easy for them to experience burn-out.

I'm not a veterinarian, but the life around me, the animals of the fields and forests,
all the insects, the frogs, the birds, everything that I'm seeing disappear in my lifetime,
brings me down. Nature should be beautiful, and should be the biggest part of our living world,
but it's not, not here in the Niagara Peninsula... and the mutations... no...


John Watt

Life as we all have been living it has always included the awe-full, the wonder-full and strange.
When new millennium technology and the magic of YouTube take us and show us this in a more expansive way,
yeah... you can find anything you want... even getting slimed becomes innovative.
That's right! Get ready to be slimed. If you don't like slime or don't want new slime thoughts,
please, don't look.
Just when you might be so astounded by this new slime apparition, wondering if it's true,
there's a video just to show you.
And when the article continues with more slimy revelations, someone gets in your face with another video.
More descriptions follow, even if you can't follow this evolutionary process yourself, with another video.

And just when you think you've sunk to the depths of any kind of slime you would want to meet,
guess who gets down to the depths of the ocean with an over three minute video,
that shows this slime at work and how it's a predatory defense for all other creatures?
Researchers in New Zealand.
Could this by why JHC, that New Zealander fisherman, hasn't been here for a while?
Slime. The ultimate slime, something scientists can't reproduce, or its' delivery system.

I'm not prone to malicious thoughts, unless someone else displays them and provokes them.
Even then, they're hard to act on when so many better options are available.
But now I'm thinking of saving this link,
so when I'm online and someone else is trying to make my use of it insufferable,
I can slime them in the deepest, most expansive kind of way,
just what this slime did for me.

PLEASE BE FOREWARNED: Extreme slime alert!


Yes, this is slime in the natural world around us...
but... humans, especially Americans, can create a more profound slimy experience.
One of the links at the bottom of this article is about the CEO of Starbucks saying he might run for president,
saying politics in America is broken. That's the disUnited States he's talking about.
But this article isn't about this man and his political views and agenda.
It's about Democrats saying this would help get Trump re-elected.
That means a scare tactic is coming out first, before we even get to meet this man.

The electoral college, who votes to see if the general election winning presidential candidate gets to be president,
is controlled by Republicans and Democrats, and they won't allow an "outsider" to become president.
That's why presidential candidate Ross Perot stopped his campaign, when he was doing very well,
because he found out that he was never going to get electoral college approval.
This article doesn't say that, and neither to Democrats and Republicans.
They say that corruption works for America, and they're rigging everything they can for themselves.

Here in Ontario, Canada, Ontario Hydro made a bid to buy an American electrical supplier, another hydro company.
That was the Liberals, when they were going down in flames before a general election.
It wasn't a campaign issue, or something they talked about doing.
And yes, as Clan Watt, I was feeling a little slimed after I found this out.

Now, after a Toronto politician whose family gets their wealth from a business they have in America,
a "Conservative", has been elected premier, this deal has fallen through.
And that's fallen as in Ontario taking a fall.
A judge in the United States ruled that Ontario politics could interfere with American ownership,
and said they can't proceed with this sale, which was never completed.
Because of this "ruling" Ontario has to pay this American state a $103,000,000 default fine.
Toronto "Conservative" politicians are saying Ontario tax-payers won't see this reflected in their hydro bills.
No parliamentary parties are debating this in parliament, just releasing more political slime.
One hundred and three million American dollars, a hundred and thirty-seven million in Canadian,
just for not signing some ownership papers.

I'm going to call that "high-dro", our new premier and his former mayor brother,
being known to do more than just drugs, and selling them at college as a way of being accepted.
If you see them you'll understand why.
This is a kind of slime you can't erase, when it involves the hydro that puts me up here in all of our faces.

American take-overs and ownership of businesses in Ontario have decimated factory and retail business jobs.
This reminds me of an American deal the federal Liberals set up before they went down in electoral flames,
so the new Conservative government of Stephen Harper had to pay a one billion "soft-wood lumber" fine.
It was non-stop news, this Canadian fight against unjust American impositions,
and it took further threats about Americans protecting American assets to force the conclusion.
Now I'm feeling that sap as slime.
It's only going to get worse.
I'm going to update Cindy Laupers' hit song "Time after Time" to "Slime after Slime".
At least singing about it will make me feel better,
featuring a rap section: "Fine after Fine".
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John Watt

Oh no... time for what I like to call "free old man talk", also saying you don't have to listen if you don't want to.

And what's old already about being not only just another year older, but really being older, looking at 68 in three months.
That's having a sense of loss, losing family, friends, entertainers, and seeing the world running down even more.
New year-end statistics are out, and North America is losing out, losing out to drug addiction.

Now, American statistics say that the United States has 4% of the worlds' population, but use 70% of the worlds' illegal drugs.
I was going to use a video of a State of Maine ambulance attendant as she talked about the horrible heroin problem,
saying in her state someone dies every day from drug overdoses. The way she talked, and looked into the camera...
The American economy is also failing, from the second great depression in 2008, continuing as the quiet depression,
which has only been made worse by the new "trade war" strategy of the White House.

This series of YouTube videos called "Abandoned" shows this all over America.
Hospitals, sports arenas, theme parks, Disneylands, malls, huge mega-structures that are now just abandoned.
I'm using the "S.S. United States" as an example, an ocean liner built to rival the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, British liners.
It's got some really nice ocean photography and technical details.
Once you find this on YouTube other suggested "Abandoned" videos will be there. I've been looking for over two hours.

I don't feel bad, if you're forcing me to think about all the losses and empty spaces in my life,
because I haven't abandoned myself.
I can hear my mother, saying John, the way you're going you're not going to die,
they're going to have to beat your heart to death with a stick to make you stop.

A U.S. Navy destroyer was on a mission, sailing through Chinese waters as political aggression.
A 23 year old female officer was in charge of the bridge, and cut-backs meant she was alone,
unable to stand watch on both sides of the ship.
A too fast construction, no repairs, electronics not functioning properly, including radar and online,
meant this officer didn't see a cargo ship approaching in time to avoid it.
Not the ships salary, waiting for months, not the cost of towing it back over the Pacific to an American repair dock,
just the initial repair estimate is $130,000,000. And this is the second American destroyer to take a hit during this time,
from a Chinese or Japanese commercial vessel.
If you can imagine the most sophisticated radar and satellite technology being unable to detect nearby vessels...

The original online news story about the American destroyer was easy to find,
so I'm adding it here. Look at the technology involved for this computer display,
different actions for graphics using your clicker, moving maps and simulations.
Plus wonderful ocean photography. When you first see "scroll" use your bottom arrow.


Denmark is still in the news, even in terms of the call for building a wall.
No, not Mads Mikkelson in his new movie...
but a wall across the country to prevent wild boar with a disease from entering the country,
where the pork producers would feel a real big sense of loss in their industry.
This is a smart move, considering the disease is being found as it moves overland.
Gaps between panels were part of the original design, so smaller animals could get through,
but this is being criticized as weakening the design and should be changed.

President Donald Trumps' wall, even if it hasn't been built, is doing an amazing job as a wall,
because it's breaking down walls between America and other countries, and between Americans.
What started out as a President Trump demand for a physical barrier between American and Mexico,
using a lot of talk about drug and sex trade smugglers coming into America,
has now become about how the United States took over Central and South American countries,
saying that's why these countries are experiencing bad economies and no democracy.
Was was at first described as a "caravan" of over a thousand people walking from Guatemala to America,
is now being described as political refugees fleeing American oppression,
now naming many other countries as victims of American C.I.A. take-overs.
I'm surprised that it's not just Democrats and Republican party members saying that,
but older military men coming out of retirement to admit to what they were doing,
and saying that has to change because look at what America has become.
The fact that modern military veterans with modern military psychological problems,
are committing suicide in the parking lots of veterans hospitals to protest a lack of treatment,
is prompting military leaders to question the reality of White House military use.
For sure, this is just a lot of media fluster and bluster,
but online is the pot of font that's going to boil over into real life decisions, and that will inspire people to act.

Here in Canada, people are deeply disturbed that Prime Minister Trudeau wants to support American military in Venezuela.
If that gets worse he might get dragged out of his bed one night and held under a garden hose.
People are also saying he's taking orders from Americans about not going to Cuba for Castros' funeral,
after Castro came to Canada for his father's funeral, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
Pierre Trudeau went to Cuba to negotiate a trade pact when Americans were calling it a communist enemy.
You want to feel some historic loss? This is how wars start.
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John Watt

Watt's going on here! Is the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle, or his Danish forum compatriots, messing with my global mind?
Are they looking at my computer use and seeing that I'm looking at ancient Egyptian, Indian, Central and South American architecture?
Are they thinking I should stop that and finish my semi-solid-body guitar, and my second one, so I can participate with them for new music?
Are they somehow listening to me through my computer, thinking my singing and songs should be coming out here?
They will when I'm ready, if I ever get ready, looking around the YouTube world too much, I admit it.
If they created a video that shows a Danish explorer saying there was a fourth, black granite pyramid, they are getting to me.
If Frederik Magle ever makes a video where he's playing a keyboard with an unused Marshall stack sitting there...
beware... oh yes beware... be wary if I get wiry and plug in to play... along... and as I sing it becomes a song...
Maybe I'll retaliate and plant some old Danish coins along the Niagara River, where I discover them and say Danes were here before English,
trying to attract his interest so he would visit over here.
Yes, Frederik Magle, you should try playing beside the Falls while you watch the water that made your current flow along.
Some outdoor patios have computers on the tables so you can do that, and I can see you bringing your own keyboard to record.
Dark music, light music, now you could make Niagara falling music.


John Watt

I know what to do, when everything that surrounds you keeps pressing you in.
Take a road trip... but here, it can't be any ordinary road trip.
The way technology and Americans have taken over here, you need to go back in time,
not to a land of dreams, not the good old days, not even what your grandfather says...
you really need to get away...

Here's a 1913 video of downtown scenes in San Sebastian Spain.
No bulls!

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John Watt

The American Nuclear Organ for World Peace is getting pumped and pumped up enough to split that country,
as divided as it is, between Democrats and Republicans, citizens and non-legal immigrants, the rich and the poor.
"My name is Donald J. Trump, and the "J" stands for genius."
That could be my American content here, but then again, it's Russian "interference", using social media,
that's a big part of America now.
This might not be Russian, but that's also okay for Americans, because it looks close enough.

Sometimes, when you're on the road playing an instrument you made yourself,
as I did, being a lefty, someone will invite you back to their place to show you what they made.
This organ isn't nuclear powered, but that's only a good thing.
Maybe I should have saved this for after America has the war with China that is talked about so much,
making references to a paper tiger... okay... okay... I'm piping down...

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John Watt

Basically, this is the best bass solo video I have ever seen, that also has very impressive upright bass playing.
But the reason this is here is because it represents an online Russian culture clash I'm having every day.

Every day I get a minimum of five email from Russian women who want to have sex with me.
Sometimes I get twenty. They can be a short invitation or be a page length description.
The parody names are very good word play, and the language that tries to be a translation is laughable.
They also feature photos with total nudity, sometimes two photos, and that's all I'll say.
There are links to sites for dating or sites where you can contact these always young women.
I know they aren't Russian. I know this is just perpetrating a stereo-type that makes Russians look "evil",
as most Americans still say.

This video features a bass solo called "Siberia" by a young female bass player.
Watching this video is almost like looking at a dream, a very subtle plot line.
The clothing is beautiful and makes me wish I could dress like that.
I'm thinking she's got the lead singer from The Hu Band, a bunch of Huns,
and the scenes with other people, inside a yurt and outside are also beautiful.
When I say a dream, that's part of the plot line.

Sometimes it's nice being a Son of the Gael.
I had a Hun identify himself to me and show me something to prove it.
Huns are born with a perfectly defined pale blue circle at the base of their spine,
about two and a half inches around. If they intermarry it disappears by the time they are thirty.
You can see that love of a turquoise colour in their clothing.

This is not the Siberia I grew up seeing in American media.
That's about the Gulag, political prisoners sent up to the remote and freezing northeast,
where they go insane, starve to death or eat thawed mastodon remains.

Here we are, 2019, and I'm watching a Siberian product that is my favorite bass solo video.
I never had a favorite bass solo before, just liking different bass players.
ummmmmm ummmmmm ummmmmm... let the video begin...

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John Watt

I mentioned The Hu Band in the previous posting, and I also really like their videos.
Their one video with the song Yuve Yuve Yu is my favorite, beautiful outdoor vistas,
and the political lyrics are very very good.
This is "Wolf Totem", and it's the title that started me thinking about my Mohawk friends,
here in the Niagara Peninsula. They aren't totem carvers, more about the Haida of British Columbia,
but the wolf is a spirit guide for them, with my favorite saying, "the justice of the wolf is swift".
To be honest, if these men approached me in casual North American clothing they would look like Mohawks.

I'm thinking they're using the trans-Siberian mens soccer team...
even if it doesn't show them kicking around a thawed and stuffed mastodon testicle.
These videos have a romantic beauty to them that I'm not really seeing anywhere else.
I can see why symphony musician and Magle.dk member Corno Dolce hasn't come back.


John Watt

I was reading an article describing how 60% of personal bankruptcies in the United States,
are the result of people being unable to pay their medical bills.
The first example they used was a school teacher was was behind a podium,
speaking in public. She said she felt confused and others heard her slurring her words.
Her friends led her offstage and they debated about whether to call an ambulance.
When her vision became affected and her hand was feeling numb, they called one.
She entered the hospital "under observation" and it was decided she had a mild stroke.
The woman didn't want a hospital stay, so she took her medication and left.

At the end of the month she received a hospital bill for over $23,000.
A month later a physicians bill came for over $1,800,
and the next month an ambulance bill came for over $1,400.
She couldn't afford to pay. Each provider took her to court to get the money.

The article described other hospital incidents that were described as only userous and onerous.
This is probably what I would have kept typing about, until I saw this news article today.

Changing your strings to be left-handed, truly left-handed,
with the bass strings on the bottom and the highs on top,
does turn your musical world upside-down, and few lefties do it.
But that's a lefty manufacturing thing. Even Jimi Hendrix played a right-handed Strat upside-down.

Before I saw Jimi Hendrix, I wanted to buy a Mosrite guitar to sound like the Ventures.
The local music store had a nice used one, and it was really heavy.
I was playing Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, Telstar, just the songs I remember first.
I also played a TV song, the theme from "Secret Agent Man", just the intro part.

You can imagine, after I got my Strat and started playing it upside-down,
how many people told me about Dick Dale, playing a metallic gold left-handed Stratocaster,
where he turned the strings upside down and was called The King of Surf Guitar.
You can also imagine how I feel after reading this article below,
reading a lot about American medicare and then hearing Dick Dale passed away.
After reading what he went through, I'm sure we both could only imagine what that was like.
I'm not going to attempt a eulogy.
I'm not going to put on YouTube and jam along with one of his videos.
I'm not going to wish I could get his guitar. It belongs in the rock and roll hall of fame.
All I'm going to do is wonder... a sad wonder...

Dick Dale.jpg

This is my idea of a tribute.
The first video is his beginning, the second middle age and the third nine months ago.

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John Watt

The great guitarist Dick Dale, an innovator.
He was 81 and had gigs booked into the new year.
Thank you Dick Dale, for making me feel young for the first time,
in a very, very long time.

John Watt

I've been staying in, saturating my global mind with Youtube videos, as I'm sure my postings have shown.
This is going to be the last thing I do about the disUnited States and the society and economy.
Why pick this one, Seattle? First, Seattle is where James Marshall Hendricks was born. (Jimi Hendrix)
It was the bassist for the Animals who quit that band and became James' manager, suggesting the name change.
I think we can all agree about the drug scene back then, when L.S.D. was legal and hippies were a big part of society.

Let's start off with wild west history, Seattle, along the Pacific coast. Ever hear of the term "skid row"?
That's where it came from, Seattle. There was one long road down from the mountains for dragging down logs,
and when payday came it was lined with prostitutes, gamblers, alcohol sales and everything else as a general store.
That was such a big "celebration", and it became such a big business, it created the city.
This was a nasty version of native tribal society, who would gather at certain times of the year to socialize and trade.

When "Nirvana", with the promotion of the use of heroin came along, you can say that created the grunge scene.
It killed arena rock for ordinary bands, now, only superstar sellers kept going. Wrestling and comedy outgrew live gigs for bands.

Yes, I'm talking about a major American city, but is it logs or fish or any kind of manufacturing that is creating problems?
No. It's drugs. More heroin, becoming meth and fentanyl. That's what this video is about, Seattle is dying.

When www.jimihendrix.com first came online I would phone the toll-free number,
and it was always answered by an employee who said they were a Seattle musician.
I had some interesting conversations and got a very good deal on a couple of Hendrix products.
But now, the site doesn't even have the CD for "Are You Experienced" for sale,
and when you call you are talking to a call center employee in Nebraska.
Seattle made it in the popular American mind as the birth-place of Jimi Hendrix,
and they have built a park with a statue and a local museum,
but seeing the Hendrix website go from being like a department store that was all Hendrix,
to just having a few pages of ordinary items for sale.
So I'm seeing that as demonstrating how far Seattle has fallen.

I'm leaving all of this behind. I'm not going to be using my 100 watt Marshall stereo pre-amp,
and my 500 watt Audio Pro Mosfet stereo amplifier.
This means I'm making some serious moves as a lead guitarist-vocalist, and unknown to most, now, a songwriter.
When I say unknown to most, the people who knew me and heard me as a teenager aren't around any more.
I started off playing my younger brothers guitar, writing my own songs, and I got into singing them in public.
It took my first big confinement and L.S.D. overdose to stop playing guitar and singing for over a year.
When I started playing electric guitar with a '64 sunburst Stratocaster, a 50 watt Marshall head with an 8x10 cabinet,
it was easy to get into lead guitar and making all those sounds. The first two bands I was in I didn't sing,
playing with the pedal and knobs so much. Once I got that together I started singing again,
but I never sang one of my songs onstage again. I was also crippled mentally by other physical activity while I was on acid,
and it took talking with my parents to decide what I should do because I didn't feel like singing or playing guitar or doing artwork.

I decided to save my songs and keep working on them until I got older.
I was busy enough just playing guitar and singing, traveling, living in other cities.
I'm not going alternative, roots or unplugged, even if leaving all these electronics behind feels like it.
No, I'm just going to set myself with one 100 watt head and use the amazing speakers with stands I have.
I might not be stereo, but I'll be sounding out on both sides of the drummer.
I'll also be using my new semi-solid-body guitar as an instrument, and while that might sound like less,
it's not, because this template of electric guitar makes more sounds by itself than ever before,
and the feedback is more interactive and communicative, so I'll be sounding just as big and wide.

Not being in bands for so long, playing an acoustic I bought for over six years, selling it last summer,
changed my approach to guitar, playing solo, beating a beat and playing a bass line while working chords and notes.
That's better than any new equipment, having separate parts of my musical life to put together as a new style.

Seattle might be dying, my previous musical business is dead, but I'm rising up again as a new musician.
That's the best thing that could ever happen to me. There's a lot around me I haven't done anything with,
and this is the reason. Why keep the past alive when that's never been a gig for me?
At least I lived my life to keep that together, to keep me alive, and for the love of my mother and father,
keeping my emotions alive.
Uh... uh... yeah... what greater love can any man have if he can sacrifice himself for another.
I hope you're thinking about that if you ever see a sign about me playing somewhere,
and you're looking in your wallet, wondering if the band I'm in is worth it.
Play on drummer. I'll look at your guitars, guitarists. I see your keys. Where are you, bass player?
Dick Dale. Another lefty with two four letter words for a name.
Dick is a dick or someone can be a dick, and a Dale is a dale, a small field.
John is a john, walking the streets, or a john, even a port-a-john, and for sure a Watt is a watt.
You can see it's not going to be easy deciding on the head-stock lettering of my new guitars.
Oh yeah! It's good to feel stupid and not knowing what I'm doing again, losing the weight of my past,
because that means I'm starting up and getting into something creative and original.
Part of my song-writing decision has been deciding to never record myself, just playing them onstage.
I'm seeing all the music business changes, and as always, I want to feel free and easy on my way.
I'll have a friend using a camera, making a video of the band and the people at the venue as an event,
and either sell copies after the show if the tech is in gear, or presell and deliver later.
If the band is into it, we can play and record ourselves as a band release. It's all there.
I just have to jump up onstage.


John Watt

This is an article about more American financial news, from Bloomberg, a big and "trusted" source.

I have always said the stock market is an intellectual concept that should not be a financial reality.
At first, when America wasn't as developed and populated as it is now, you could visit your investment.
But that quickly became a greed-head thing, making money off of other peoples' money.
When the first stock market crash happened, that caused the Great Depression, it was orchestrated.
For me, even in the sixties, watching American TV, they talked about the bankers that jumped to their deaths on Wall Street.
For the public, that balanced out the thought that they lost their life savings, hearing the country lost many millions.
That's the biggest con of the stock market, saying money disappeared in such incredible amounts it sounds legit.
If a rumour about a company, crop or country can make the stock market "dip" where values lose by billions,
you can see how much of a fantasy all this money is.
And yes, it's become such a strong American fantasy they can elect a president who had never won an election before,
or worked as a public servant, because he talked about being rich and promising wealth for all Americans.
After all this time, they now say no stock market banker ever jumped from a Wall Street building to his death.

I'm talking about the Wall Street I grew up with, so I'm adding some text about billion dollar activity from this article.

Bankers who in October suggested a $120 billion valuation for Uber Technologies Inc. have eaten their words,
with the market cap falling to half that. Rival Lyft Inc. closed its first day in March with a $25 billion valuation,
that was higher than all but about 275 U.S. companies. It’s since fallen by a third.
The timing of the IPOs only serves to further stoke the suspicions of those Wall Street observers,
who see a plot to transfer a private-market bubble into public hands.

And for the first time in my life, I'm hearing American politicians criticizing American finances,
saying that there are three families that control more wealth than the rest of the population.
After seeing ten years of President Trumps' tax returns, they say he lost more money than any other American.

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John Watt

If all you are doing is listening to American news about China hacking American systems, think again.
Here's an article that tells you how that happens, and where it came from.
Please don't forget, that the World Wide Web is generated, saved and monitored, owned and secured, by Americans.
Only China has built an internet that is sovereign to China, and it can be kept in-country during times of global duress.
Professor John McCallum, Electronics at York University in Toronto, who sponsored me as a musician in his residence,
went to The University of Hong Kong to build their internet and write their university curriculum in 1980.
Obviously, the Chinese understood everything he said.


John Watt

Wow! Here's an article about American money in Mexican banks that disappeared.
At the bottom, a suggested article I didn't read is about China seizing a bank for the first time.
Another says Americans are switching to made in Korea products instead of Chinese.
As if. Americans bought Japanese after their war because the products cost less,
a sure-fire sign of no latent nationalism, as potentially inbred as that might be.
Americans started buying enough Japanese automobiles to bring down their own automotive industry.

This article also has a function you can click to listen to it.


John Watt

Wow! I was different back then, just like I recently changed my life.
No... I'm not trying to resurrect this thread, which is an unusual thread for me.
I'm a professional electric lead guitarist-vocalist, and those threads were ordinary.
But when I decided to post one in organ, and tried to be humorous because I'm not an organist,
it got popular and accumulated the most views I earned here, probably more than all the rest.
It wasn't just me who helped to create this most popular thread,
and as I'm returning after many years, I wonder who's going to be here.