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For anyone interested, the position for San Diego Civic Organist is available. Carol Williams, who has been the Civic Organist for the past 15 years, is moving to Virginia with her husband.

Salary is about $56,000 (USD) per year. Benefit is being the master of a huge (80 ranks) Austin pipe organ installed in an outdoor amphitheater. The organ is expertly maintained by Lyle Blackington a long time and well respected organ builder of San Diego.

Here's the listing:

John Watt

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Hello John,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us with your suggestion!

You raise a valid point here John, I'm sure that the addition of vendor pages on the site would be welcomed by our other members as well so I will gladly pass this feedback on to our product team for further discussion and hopefully this is something we can look at implementing in our future updates.

I'm holding thumbs that we can make this a reality for you John.

Best regards,

Monica, Kijiji Community Support

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What Kijiji area are you in Krummhorn?
You can tell a lot about a city when you see the musical instruments section.

Noto Von Heft

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