Possibility of doing a DVD??


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I was wondering if you have ever consider doing a DVD of one of your performances in-stead-of CD? Would be nice to watch you play as well as listen. I find this type much more enjoyable. Thanks, Bill

John Watt

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wljmrbill! I'm not sure what you're typing about. I know DVD's and CD's, and digital cameras.
Requesting a DVD copy might mean having to reaquire the technology, or pay to convert to DVD.
Either way, the expense just keeps adding up until you're bound to hear the famous words,
"You might as well order a hundred, because it costs the most to make the first".

If I was you, seeing you online already, I'd be asking for more You Tube clips,
what you can see and listen to already, and what the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle creates already.

I don't use this domain as a repository of free music, but it is, what Frederik Magle offers and member's links.

The video Frederik Magle made while playing an electronic organ with a small jet, watching Frederik Magle play,
and getting off on his soundtrack applications, is my favorite, so far.


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Just found this thread, If you have a Camera that takes video you can do the rest through your PC, depends upon what quality you are after, if its just for home use or to post on here or Youtube it would be good enough


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That's a good idea, Colin ... I've heard of people being able to link a vid camera to a digital recorder (like a Zoom H4) and merge the two together. I haven't tried this myself, but it sounds like an intriguing project.

John Watt

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Intriguing was the word for me too, until I bought a three foot adaptor wire that cost $28.

Actually, I would have spelled it "intrigueing", what was the word for me until I just looked at a dictionary.
This enforced bilingualism of Quebec based politicians isn't good for either language.