What happened?


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I've been unable to acces the forum for the last 2 days, just getting the "Timed out" message?
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Frederik Magle

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The server was hit by a devastating attack from a Chinese IP three days ago. The site had to be moved to another server :(

But the good news are that it's back up running now. A few features have been temporarily disabled, but will be back soon. Also, you may notice that the site now runs on a secure (https) connection.


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Thank heavens you are back on line, Frederick. I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms!


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Glad it is back...Hackers seem to be a way of life these days.

They do, Bill. But the amazing thing, at least for me, is that once the hackers take all internet sites down, what will they then do for employment?

Seems inane to put oneself out of a job.

For every step we take to protect ourselves the hackers take two or more ahead of us.