who is your favorite jazz musician?

John Watt

Okay, I have to admit I'm just looking here to see what Joe Barnett has to say.
Count Basie, eh? He was on TV a lot when I was younger, how I remember him.
The big question is, if he was alive now, would he have had natural hair, not slicked back?
Would he have hired a musician with a Jimi Hendrix influence, or would he have hired Hendrix himself?
I'm typing that, because Miles Davis hired a fat, looking like a slob white guy, with a Strat and Marshall stack,
and having him blast away on his own while onstage with Miles and his band sounded only contrary.

Don Ellis hit it for a while around here, getting airplay a lot, being more of a pop-jazz kinda guy.
I can't remember if he did anything with a vocalist,
but after Terry Kath died and Chicago went "power ballads", he could have picked up their slack.
Paul Horn sold a lot, same as The Brecker Brothers.

My favorite Miles, after teen years of listening to "In a Silent Way" and half of "Bitches Brew",
is now "Doo-Bop", the last recording he made, nice to jam along to on guitar.

I'm still not feeling any "Crystal Persuasion".
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I have a few, but if I had to pick only one, I would say bassist Paul Chambers. As a young (20) bassist myself, I can tell you that if it weren't for him I would not have picked up the instrument. His language continues to move me, inspire me, and speak to me in ways no other musician can. So grateful for Paul's contribution to the bass world.