who is your favorite jazz musician?


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Do you prefer the older jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong or are you more or a fan of the newer musicians? I prefer the older ones. I like the soulful sounds that they produced. To me there is nothing like putting on some Ella Fitzgerald when its raining or you are feeling down. There is just something about her voice that i love. What do you think? Old or new?

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I do not have an adequate knowledge of the many generations of jazz musicians to begin with :eek: But I do love the older ones, and the early 60's too. Oscar Peterson was a famous jazz pianist in Montreal. John Coltrane played with an incredible vitality and spirituality. Recently, I came into contact with this old video from 1960 which was apparently lost for quite a while. You can hear/see Coltrane, Peterson and Getz play a great tune called Rifftide. :cool:


Here are some of my fave jazz artists, pianists and composers, off the top of my head-

Art Tatum
Freddie Slack
Duke Ellington
George Gershwin
Fats Waller
Oscar Petersen
Oliver Jones
Jaco Pastorius

So I guess old, for me.

Cool vid there, ON.


I enjoy listening to jazz from time to time. Mostly the big jazz orchestras. Stuff such as Glenn Miller Orchestra is pretty cool to listen to. Aswell as tunes of "Dixieland".

I recently started listening to some mambo though. The "latin american jazz" or so. Mostly the stuff by Perez Prado. Its awesome :)


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My "elder" list from my era:
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Benny Goodman
  • Tommy Dorsey
  • Glenn Miller
  • Artie Shaw
Enjoyed the vid link, ON - toe tappin' stuff, for sure.

I'll have to check out the Mambo venue, Frederik. It's certainly not new, but new to me.


I kinda like Keith Jarrett... as long as he sticks to what he does best: Jazz...


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Some real greats knocking around in here, glad to see that their music is still very much alive.

I'm a fan of the late Joe Pass, though admittedly probably more so for his playing technique. I've learnt to appreciate guitarists of all walks, from my first love, the blues, to jazz, classical, rock and everything in between - Joe Pass was phenomenal, his ability to captivate an audience single handedly was truly a great gift that will be missed.

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Me ! ...

No, not really though ... I have some favorites that are probably not know worldwide.

Lars Jansson (Swedish pianist/composer)
Jan Johansson (Swedish, probably well known - "Jazz på Svenska")
Stefano Bolani (Italian Pianist, not very well known, but quite good)




John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Dave Brubeck
Dave Weckl

Carmen McRae
Ella Fitzgerald
Ellis Regina
Mark Murphy


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There are times when I think newer jazz artists try too hard to be suave or sexy or just generally try too hard and end up being boring. There are other times when I feel that the old timers can be a bit too...indulgent. Expressive, maybe, but indulgent. Ella's still my favorite, though. Listening to her just makes you feel like everything's going to be all right. Like you have a friend and a mother all in one, just right beside you.

Aww, I'm getting sentimental. Igh.


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Older stuff: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Django Rhienhardt and Nina Simone

Newer: Norah Jones, Joe Pass, John Hall, John Mclaughlin, Steely Dan, Dixie Dregs, Rhythmic Union and many more.

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some of my favourites

John Lewis (too often forgotten I think is a genius)
Duke Ellington
Charlie Mingus
Miles Davis
Billie Holiday
Louis Armstrong
Thelonious Monk
Keith Jarrett

and then some modern ones

Pat Martino
Kurt Rosenwinkel
James Carter
Jim Black
Madeleyne Peyroux (saw her on tv some time ago and fell in love with the way she sings you should listen Dance me to the end of love)

and always
Nina Simone


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Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald (had the honour of meeting the lady once), the Gene Harris trio, George Melly, Dave Brubek, Bix Beiderbeck, Bessie Smith, Abdullah Ibrahim (the artists formerly known as Dollar Brand)...


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Gene Krupa
Lionel Hampton
Duke Ellington
Bill Bruford
Art Blakey
Chick Corea...so many amazing players.....it would take a month to list all the ones I think are great.


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A name I forgot earlier – the legendary South African flugelhorn virtuoso Hugh Masekela, who I had the great pleasure of seeing in concert last night with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The blending of western orchestra style with township jazz worked well. Plus we heard the world premiere of a very interesting new work, All Souls Seek Joy (... but not always in the 'right' way) by the young composer and saxophonist Jason Yarde. Technically demanding, but a most interesting fusion of modern 'classical' and jazz styles. I really hope the LSO recorded the concert, because I'd particularly like to listen to this piece again.
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My favorite jazz musician? That's a toughie since there are quite a few who I know. As a living jazz legend, my choice has to be Ron Carter, Double-Bass Magician Extraordinaire. He has been involved with over 2500 albums and also been associated with the Miles Davis Band. I believe Ron Carter is 72 but there's no stopping him from touring or doing recordings. He somewhat recently retired from City University of New York as Distinguished Professor Of Jazz.


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Oscar Peterson of course is one of my favourites. I had the privalege many years ago of seeing him live at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival. If memory serves it was Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen with him. Was stunning.

Another I have long admired is Art Tatum. Incredible. Then there's the likes of George Shearing and his generation. Love em all to bits. Teddy Wilson - wonderful. We can go round the great sax players, or guitarists and the list gets endless. All Giants. All influential.

Right now, and current is Jamie Callum. I first heard him as a guest on Michael Parkinson's show and was totally knocked out by him. (The week before he'd had Michael Buble...) IMO Jamie is one of the best talents to appear in many a year!


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In no particular order:
Guitars: John McLaughlin/Pat Metheny/John Abercrombie/Joe Pass/Bireli Lagrene/Ralph Towner/Egberto Gismonti/John Scofield.
Piano: Oscar Peterson/Keith Jarrett/Chick Corea/Kenny Drew/Thomas Clausen/Bill Evans/Gonzalo Rubalcaba.
Double bass: N.H.Ø.P./Dave Holland/Miroslav Vitous/John Patitucci/Ron Carter/Ray Brown/Eddie Gomez/Charlie Haden.
Electric bass: Jaco Pastorius/John Patitucci/Stanley Clarke/Jeff Andrews/Eberhard Weber.
Drums: Alex Riel/Steve Gadd/Dave Weckl/Paul Motian/Dennis Chambers/Narada Michael Walden/Jack DeJohnette/Terri Lyne Carrington/Marilyn Mazur/Peter Erskine/Omar Hakim.
Keyboards and Synthezisers: Joe Zawinul/Chick Corea/Koono/Larry Goldings/Larry Young/Joe Sample.
Trumpet and flugelhorn: Kenny Wheeler/Miles Davis/Enrico Rava/Palle Mikkelborg/Freddie Hubbard/Woody Shaw/Chet Baker.
Saxophones: John Coltrane/Steve Coleman/Dewey Redman/Kenny Garrett/Michael Brecker/Jan Garbarek/Wayne Shorter/Stan Getz/Ben Webster.
Vocalists: Cassandra Wilson/Ella Fitzgerald/Dinah Washington/Flora Purim/Trine-Lise Væring.
Vibraphone/Marimba: Gary Burton/Mike Mainieri
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Lately, some of my favorites have been: Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Cannonball Adderly and Art Blakey and his various Messenger groups. I was also very moved after hearing Billie Holiday perform "Forbidden Fruit".