Windoze media player


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Just had WMP go crazy, playing tracks very fast, about one and a half times the speed they should be. I closed it and reopened and the problem has gone.


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I find many times rebooting solves many issues and uninstall/reinstall.... beats paying someone else.


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Another Windoze media player annoyance; I have a number of playlists which I compiled and want them played in the order they are listed, WMP starts anywhere in the list, not the top, then plays tracks randomly not in the order I want. Luckily longer works like Concertos are recorded as one track, not separate tracks for each movement.

Is there a way of forcing WMP to play as listed, alternatively is there a similar bit of software that is controllable?


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I put my play lists in my cloud space @ box [dot] net. My other option is using my express burn software and play from that without burning a disk.


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There's always the Windows version of Apple iTunes. It's not perfect, but it is better and more stable than WMP.