Lament for Violin and Organ (sheet music)

I have now completed the violin and organ adaption of my Lament. Like the solo organ version, Lament for violin and organ is available for purchase as printable sheet music (click here). (Update 23 May 2017: A transcription for violin and piano is now available as well!).

Above is a small excerpt from the beginning of the work played by violinist Bjarne Høy.

Pages of the score and part

Editions for viola and organ and cello and organ will be available shortly (Update 28 March: The viola and organ version is now ready – Update 3 April: The “trilogy” is now complete with Lament for cello and organ).

1 thought on “Lament for Violin and Organ (sheet music)”

  1. Iwan Roberts

    Hello Frederick,

    I would be very interested in the version for cello and organ when it is ready!

    Best Regards,
    Iwan Roberts

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