Cello and Organ edition of Lament (sheet music)

The trilogy of string editions of my Lament (violin, viola, and violoncello) is now complete with the addition of Lament for cello and organ (Update 20 May 2017: A transcription for cello and piano is now available as well!).

As is the case of the violin and organ, viola and organ and  solo organ versions, the Lament for cello and organ sheet music (score and cello part) is available for download (Buy here).

Detail from page 1 of the cello and organ score

Detail from page 5

The cello edition has not been recorded yet, but here is an excerpt of the violin and organ version for reference (though melodically the same, the cello version will of course sound quite differently):

(Featured photo: Cropped version of “My cello” by Gabriel Ureña. Licensed from Flickr, creative commons).


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