‘Lament’ for organ is now available as sheet music

For a limited period of time, the sheet music of my organ work ‘Lament’ is available for free (sent to you by email in PDF format). All you have to do is send a message (click here) requesting it.

‘Lament’ is based on an improvisation I recorded on the pipe organ in Jørlunde church in 2009 (see the above video). The written adaption have been altered and refined, whilst keeping the structure and melodic lines – as well as the “feel” – of the original improvisation. I gave the premiere performance of the new sheet music version in Saint Paul’s church, Copenhagen, on June 12th. Since then I have made some further improvements of the score, and now the finished edition is ready.

UPDATE July 20: Thank you all for the interest in Lament. I reply to every request. If you have not received the sheet music by email within two days after sending the request, please check your spam filter. If it’s not there, then please write a comment on this blog post or send a message on facebook letting me know, so we can arrange for a different method on transferring the sheet music.

UPDATE January 12, 2017: I have made a revised version of the beginning of the work, including an alternative (ossia) line which the organist can chose  to play should he or she prefer. I had for a long time been unable to decide between the two versions because they each work very well, but in different ways, and finally I decided not to decide but instead leave the decision the organist. I can also announce that I am currently working on adapting ‘Lament’ for violin and organ as well. Contact me should you be interested in that version which I hope to have ready within a month.

UPDATE April 11, 2017: Adaptions of Lament for violin and organ, viola and organ, and cello and organ are now available!

First page of the ‘Lament’ score (January 2017 revision)

Fifth page of the ‘Lament’ score


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