‘Lament’ for organ is now available as sheet music

LAMENT for organ is now available for purchase: Click here to get the sheet music! (in PDF format).

‘Lament’ is based on an improvisation I recorded on the pipe organ in Jørlunde church in 2009 (see the above video). The written adaption have been altered and refined, whilst keeping the structure and melodic lines – as well as the “feel” – of the original improvisation. I gave the premiere performance of the new sheet music version in Saint Paul’s church, Copenhagen, on June 12th. Since then I have made some further improvements of the score, and now the finished edition is ready.

UPDATE January 12, 2017: I have made a revised version of the beginning of the work, including an alternative (ossia) line which the organist can chose  to play should he or she prefer. I had for a long time been unable to decide between the two versions because they each work very well, but in different ways, and finally I decided not to decide but instead leave the decision the organist. I can also announce that I am currently working on adapting ‘Lament’ for violin and organ as well. Contact me should you be interested in that version which I hope to have ready within a month.

UPDATE April 11, 2017: Adaptions of Lament for violin and organ, viola and organ, and cello and organ are now available!

UPDATE April 2, 2021: Lament for organ sheet music is now available for purchase here.

First page of the ‘Lament’ score (January 2017 revision)
Fifth page of the ‘Lament’ score

62 thoughts on “‘Lament’ for organ is now available as sheet music”

  1. Michael Riggs

    Hi, please send me a copy of your Lament piece for organ. Many regards and thanks. Michael from NC.

  2. Would you send me a copy of Lament, please ? Thank you. I’m organist at the Protestant church of Brussels-Boitsfort (French United Protestant Church of Belgium). I like that lovely piece of music…

  3. Gideon Kriel

    Hi Frederick,I would love to inquire about a copy of the majestic Lament, best regards Gideon.

  4. Deb O'Driscoll

    What a beautiful piece. I would love to learn it. Please send me a copy. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this wonderful music.

  5. I would greatly appreciate a copy of the “Lament” score. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful composition.

  6. Colin Robertson

    I would be most grateful if you could send me a copy of your ‘Lament’. Thank you for writing this beautiful piece and being generous to share it with fellow organists. CJ

  7. I would very much appreciate a copy of “Lament”. Thank you for your generous offer; it will be an honour to present this work to what I know will be appreciative audiences.

  8. I would appreciate a copy of ” Lament”. Thank you for making
    this an offer.

    Sid L. Newbold
    Organist: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

  9. Jean-Pierre Aniorte

    Hi from France !
    It’s really kind of you, I would like very much to get a copy of your Lament.
    Thanks, have a nice day!

  10. Stephen M.McMullen

    If you would. Please send me the copy of “Lament” to the address provided, and thanks for your kindness. Best Regards.

  11. Frederik,
    Please send me a copy of the 2017 revised version of “Lament”
    Now I shall have both to compare.
    Thank you so much.

  12. I would be very grateful to receive a copy of your lovely “Lament” for organ. Thank your for sharing it with us.


  13. What a beautiful piece of music! I would like to have the sheet of the Lament. Thank you and greetings from Germany 🙂

    1. Hello Lindsay, I have sent you a copy on facebook. You shall be welcome to make an arrangement for brass of Lament!

      Best regards,

  14. Ralph Rosenfield

    I’d love a copy of ‘Lament’. with your permission, I will record a performance and post it on my YouTube channel.

  15. I would love a copy of your Lament. It would work beautifully on the new Fisk organ at my parish. Thank you in advance!

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  17. Dorothea Collins

    Very interested in receiving a copy of your Lament for Organ. I am the organist at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor, MI and always love to add new music to my repertoire! Thank you!

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