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Thread: Techy question

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    Techy question

    Last week my faithful 8 year old PC went on a direct trip to see the ... the motherboard fried. Anyway, I have all my files and stuff on the dead PC's C:\ drive that I would like to copy onto my external USB drive.

    Since the old machine will not even boot anymore, (not even in safe mode) I cannot access the internal hard drive anymore.

    I would like to retrieve saved files, pictures, sound recordings, etc from that hard drive and move/copy them onto my external drive. So for all you techi type people, how is this best achieved?

    Have heard of cable sets that do this, but wondering if they really work or if its advisable to have a professional company just do this.


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    Ifyou have a replacement PC, remove the drive from the old PC and install it in a spare drive bay in the new machine.

    OR, you can buy the cases and cabling to put the old drive in to make it into an external drive. Google "External drive cases" I've got 3, I use them for back up now, but originally transferred what was on them that I needed.
    Cheers MIKE.

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    I agree with Mike. The external drive is a good idea as you can them use it as a back up that can be detached or even carried to a new location to download to someone or somewhere else.


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    Sage advice, and thank you. I do have an external 1.0 TB drive already - got it when the 'blue screens of death' started appearing awhile back.

    I'll check out the external case search too ... thanks for that idea, Mike
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    Oh my dear Krummhorn - How I grieved with thee when BSOD appeared - No fun whatsoever.


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