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Feb-02-2016, 20:07
I have a questionnaire that I would truly appreciate everyone to take just 5-min. to fill out. I am conducting research on how consumers access music, whether it be through streaming websites, radio, physical property, etc. and later how this affects profits of the music industry as a whole.


Feb-02-2016, 23:13
Interesting survey...completed it for you

Feb-03-2016, 12:16
I think it could be improved; the questions on streaming services would be better if the question with the none/never option should come first followed by a skip subsequent question on which streaming service, alternatively give a none option in the "which service", I had to use the "other" option and enter none.

I no longer listen to radio apart from a morning news bulletin and a short time after I go to bed; I find radio nowadays tends to only play from a very limited "play list" as a result of which most of the music they play gets "done to death", I used to try sending in requests to the request programmes for tracks which I had never heard on the radio, example 1, Bach wrote over a thousand works, the radio rarely plays more than a dozen even when requested, example 2, John Stanley (English composer 1712-1786) wrote over 50 works that we know of, we only hear an incomplete arrangement of one, his 300th anniversary was in 2012, nothing else of his was played, yet last year was a Tchaikovsky anniversary, we heard about that 4 or 5 times a day if not more.

I now "stream" my own playlists compiled from my collection of vinyl, CDs and free downloads, it is all music which I like (I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't like it) I have sufficient such that I can play for a week or more without repeating many tracks, a few feature on more than one list those are the ones which may repeat.

There is hardly any track in my lists recorded much after 1980, nothing has been written since before that which I consider worth listening to, and I don't see much point in older works being recorded again and again by each new "Star" why can't they record some of the neglected works?

The UK Classic FM station holds a yearly poll to find the "top 300" and that same 300 get trotted out daily, unless some new "NAME" issues a CD and we get that stuffed down our ears for the next 2 months. If they rarely play anything different it's not surprising that the top 300 rarely changes from year to year.

Feb-04-2016, 20:22
Completed survey for you as well ... Please please let us know the results of the survey here on the forum.

Apr-06-2016, 09:04
I attempted to complete the thing but the choices were too narrow and some questions irrelevant so gave up.

Apr-06-2016, 12:25
Could not submit the survey as it refused to load unless I entered my income, which I am unwilling to do


Apr-06-2016, 22:57
This is another one time poster, perhaps this sort of thing should be for those with a certain minimum of posts?
just a thought.

Apr-07-2016, 09:00
Good idea



Apr-07-2016, 20:23
This is another one time poster, perhaps this sort of thing should be for those with a certain minimum of posts?
just a thought.

So far it is a one time poster. There has not been any activity on that account since the posting date either.

However, the poster can check for replies without having to log in. I do hope that they will share the results of these with us. But not holding my breath.