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Bach Chorales in PDF


New member
Thanks for your suggestion. I have downloaded the pieces and can ACTUALLY play some of them. Some are from lessons I had about a hundred years ago! I do appreciate your sharing. I should be taking delivery of the Hammond Commodore organ I found on Craig's List by next week and can finally start to use my feet again. Let's see...if I can't walk and chew gum............should be some good occupational therapy!


Admiral of Fugues
greatcyber ... one of these days, when I get off my great, fat arse, I'll finish the PDF edition of the chorales. I have too many pots on the stove at present and am finding it very hot in the kitchen.


New member
I Heard That

greatcyber ... one of these days, when I get off my great, fat arse, I'll finish the PDF edition of the chorales. I have too many pots on the stove at present and am finding it very hot in the kitchen.

Thanks for your consideration. I surely can understand about too many pots on the fire. Just imagine what it is like for me, having moved to a new country, trying to learn a new language and trying to get my musical memory and ability back... But hey, it's only time, right?


New member
Yes, that is a picture of me in the avatar. I shrank it down from a larger photo to use as an avatar on some acting websites. It was taken in our back yard by the pool when we lived in Fort Lauderdale. I tried to upload a photo of myself to my profile page, but every upload failed. I just need to shrink one down and I'll upload one of these days. I have a bad habit of downloading all sorts of programs from the web and now I need to take the time to go through my laptop and clean up and get rid of the programs that I don't use or didn't work for me. I am also interested in making movies so that was the original purpose for my getting my XPS 1710. But certain files needed certain programs to run them, hence...a big mess on my machine. I don't really have the time to do this today as we are getting ready for my step-daughter coming to visit from Boston tomorrow. It is her dad's birthday and we haven't seen her in over a year, when she graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. She's a computer engineer, so maybe she can tell me what I do and don't really need on the machine. She's not happy with being an engineer, so now she starts pre-med at Harvard in the fall. Ah, the eternal student. Sounds like me!


Staff member
Here are the JS Bach Chorales ... enjoy.

For the convenience for my American friends, they are in US letter format, landscape. To print in A4, choose automatic output to A4 from your printer's dialog box.

[Edit: 01/05/2008 merged latest additions] :) :) :) :) :) :D ;) :grin: :) :grin:

Again, three more opals. [12/30/07]
Two more treasures. [12/30/07]
four more beauties. [12/31/07]
three more [01/01/08]
Two more treasures [01/02/08] (I'm not over Bach typsetting yet ...)
One more beauty [01/04/08]
One more jewell [01/04/08]
Two more treasures [01/05/08]
Merged 6 more [10/02/08]

I now present two missing Chorales (BWV 630 and 631), can't understand why though - I obviously had a senior moment.

Here's a couple more ...
Regulator note: Merged six additional into the original post, today, 10/02/08. Clicking on this will take you to the beginning of this thread.


Again, CT64 has been busy adding more PDF files ... they too have been merged into the initial posting just to keep everything

More additions (merged files) just made in the initial posting made today, Tue Oct 14, 2008 .... Thanks Contratrombone64 :clap::clap:
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Thanks a lot!!!!!!! thou I can't play all of them ..I can at least save them for the future so that i can play when I am a veteran...... :)


New member
Hi CT64,

Just a question for you. BWV621 'Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund' you've noted a metronome marking of Crotchet = 52.

Curious because I always use this on Good Friday and always play it about half that tempo on something like a 8' violin diapason or similar. I think it has a wonderful tension to it that conveys the intense sadness associated with the crucifixion.

So, I'm curious what others do with this one???????????????

This question is not solely directed at CT64. Thanks for responses.


Crotchet = 52/54 is the tempo I favour in this one, but it can be played a little slower without losing its effect. The danger, however, is that it will become 'laboured'. On the other hand, perhaps the 'tension' and 'intense sadness' are best expressed by its being laboured ?


Mark B

New member
Thanks but I cannot see what I have to click and where within your link to get to them. It seems like I'm going round in circles. Ok.... now I see them. Thanks


Staff member
Ahah ... :crazy: ... must be the forum gremlins :shake: :nut:

Glad to see you found those :up: