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John Watt

okay... okay... Eduardo... I finally got it together to make a video playing electric guitar.
This is as much a video to get it together to record one playing along with your video,
as it is trying to be a content provider for onacarom and overall.
I didn't warm up on guitar, this being an impulsive move, and the camera could have been aimed better.
It wasn't good today, having to call the police again, with two witnesses waiting for that.
I'm a little wound up, so instead of not sleeping and watching a TV episode, I did this.
If I played a little slower, it would have been easier and more like the original songs.
I'm tempted to go back and try one with me playing lead. Watt can happen?
I gave it a difficult title, so no-one can search for it, needing to access a link.
I'm going to use this as a reply for onacarom.
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John Watt

When I say went right back and recorded another, that was then.
Doing one a few days later felt that way.
Now... after doing the lead guitar video, as soon as I finished on YouTube and here,
I did go right back and make another one of me playing back-up guitar and singing.

You might have to start feeling some pressure here as the viewing numbers keep adding up.
The sticky that starts this thread has over 6,000 views, and we have over 4,000.
The most views for any other thread on this page has just over 2,000 views.

I'm going to put up a scan that should increase the performance pressure on you,
from the Niagara Falls Review, after a new band began.
Between sets, I could go across the street and look down into the Niagara Gorge,
and see the water that was generating our electricity.


John Watt

alcaponedudu, Eduardo, let me ask you, what kind of guitar tone would you like me to use?
An acoustic sound, warm, mellow jazzy tones, raunchy blues, distortion or super distortion?
fretting fingers want to know...
I'm thinking a cleaner tone, so I can use chordal formations and blend in notes with you,
not just tripping out over what you've done.
It's not easy thinking about what I would play because you're not repetitious, having a deeper flow.

John Watt

I'm starting to think of my new audio-video enthusiasm as being like when I got my first Crybaby wah-wah pedal.
I got into it big time, doing that every time I could until I was happy with what I could do.
What was a good Jimi Hendrix lesson for me wasn't from any of his self-produced studio albums.
"A Cry of Love" was the next album he would have put out after he passed away, containing songs he never finished.
There was one song on that album that was just two tracks, one a mellow toned rhythm guitar,
the other being lead guitar with a Crybaby. "Belly Button Window"
The chord progression was easy, for Jimi, and the chords themselves were easy, for Jimi.
I see that as being a basic rhythm track where he could experiment with wah-wah sounds.
That made it easy to figure out and jam along with.
"Belly Button Window" was about a baby in the womb looking out at a world he was afraid to enter.
Jimi gets into previous Crybaby use, and then ups his technique for baby sounds, gurgling sounds,
the most expressive he has ever been. He was probably sitting when he did this,
it requires such an extensive and precise technique, and a far more floppy left foot.

"fretting fingers want to know, Part Four", describes the use of a Gmaj chord.
The ending chord passage of "Castles Made of Sand" is the most difficult guitar part,
that I have ever tried to figure out and play. Okay... I won't repeat my YouTube commentary.

However, Eduardo, you can see I'm finally getting into making YouTube videos, as much as I can,
and recording myself playing along with your video will be my next horizon.
Now I am truly living in the land of the new rising sun... just like you.
Four and a half minutes long.
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Hello my dear friend John! I was so glad to see you in a good shape and mood. That was the best feeling I could get.

What an honor to be mentioned in your video. That was hard to pronaunce my name, wasn’t it? When I was living in England everybody just called me Eddie. That was easier for them. Though I don’t like it very much. In Brazil a nickname for Eduardo is either Dudu or Edu.

Thank you for those lessions. You really know what you’re talking about. Great job! I’m not that technical but I could absorve a lot. I prefer when you play songs though. It’s always easier to learn doing the real suttf. I’m not into exercises, repetitions, etc. My goal is always create a sound, a melody or something that can lead into a song.

I was watching a interview the other day with Paul McCartney and he said something like that. He’ s not even expert in reading music. He just knows enough to create good music. I can relate to that.

What a cool piece of article you’ve got. Man, that was awesome! You looked very cool in that panther-tiger-type-of-trousers. I wonder what you setlist was back then. I didn’t know you were a leadsinger. Whenever I talk about you I see you more of guitarplayer than anything.

In resume you did a very good job and I really liked it. Keep bring those videos out! That’s a good outlet for you. In the third or so video I could noticed that you were more relaxed and playing with more flow. I know it’s hard to be in front of a camera but you’ve made it! Congrats, my friend.

John Watt

alcaponedudu! You're saying I got more relaxed and played with more flow,
when I can see what you're typing here and can say the same thing.
The more font I see from you, the more it means to me.

Please don't think they were lessons for you.
I was watching YouTube videos where guitarists are teaching you something,
and the only influence they had on me was deciding not to show my face.
It has been difficult for me to just want to make a video, and then equally hard to get it together.

I spent ten hours two days ago making a new door barrier with a secret way to open it,
and I built up one wall, where you could climb over a vendors booth at the back,
and get into my apartment. I left some markers up there and saw they were moved.
That helps me relax here, and have confidence I can build my guitars without anything being stolen.
You would have to use a sledgehammer to get into my apartment now.

When I auditioned as a lead guitarist, unless it was a band I really liked, I didn't sing.
Usually, it was more about being part of a show, playing a role, for a show set.
Being able to dance and move around onstage was a big part of my act.
Those tiger stripe tights came from a punk rock store in Ottawa, very sexy.
When I was saying I was Scottish, girls would ask if I had underwear on underneath them.
I would ask "do tigers have underwear on under their skin?" That's onstage attitude.

My fourth video really is a lesson, showing how Jimi Hendrix used a Gmaj chord in two songs.

You asked about the Trouble Clef songlist, and that's a name I didn't really like.
We did Police songs, some on the charts, Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Can't Stand Losing You,
Walking on the Moon, Da Do Da Da, nice song to jam up.
New Wave and Stepping Out by Joe Jackson, Let's Dance by David Bowie, on the charts...
with some songs by Ontario and Canadian bands.

I'm not trying to bring you down, or myself, but playing with your video won't be like a video by myself.
In a way, it will feel like phone sex... something I did once with a girlfriend who was away on vacation.
I could easily write a letter to share my deepest personal thoughts, but once on the phone was enough.
Just playing on top of your entire production feels wrong from the start,
but as you can see, I have gotten into making videos with me playing electric guitar, so you are coming up soon.
Right now, I can see doing one about playing with a wah-wah pedal.
That's more about timing with your foot, from moving it in time with the beat, what most guitarists did,
to waving it with more complications than syncopated and poly-rhythmic drumming.

But you know what, Eduardo. It's giving me confidence as an older man who hasn't been in a band for too long.
I'm not onstage, that's for sure, but I'm seeing myself online where so many others are.
And I don't want to give it all away online, because I want people to come and see me.

When I do what I'm going to do this afternoon and tomorrow, I'll bring a camera,
and ask someone else to take a photo of me so you can see, not only where I'm at,
but what I'm up to. Unless it's raining.

When I mentioned phone sex, these YouTube videos have some of that feeling,
like part of it is jerking off by myself with technology. Guitar video porn.
I need some chords and drums and bass, rhythm, to work off of. I really do. That's all I've ever done.
When I first saw these videos, I was surprised to see how I'm playing while I'm standing up and moving around.
I really can't dance or move around for real, having so little space, but I'm not standing still.
Songsters, that would be a nice play on words for a band name for you.
If you saw those videos, would you audition me? My singing was too quiet, almost not singing.

John Watt

alcaponedudu! I'm here just to show you a photo and a scan.
This is me today, across the street from City Hall, standing on the corner with my sign.
I can really say it's my sign because I made it, the first black and white sign I made for myself.
I'm not happy seeing my face, squinting my eyes from the bright sun you can see in the background,
and that's me smiling, seeing those creases between my mouth and nose.
This is where I do my strolling troubadour gig, and the round sign is one I did the lettering for.
The owner, who took the photo, sells antique and artisan furniture, so he wanted an old time style.

The scan is the statement I was handing out.
We get into our feelings about politics, so I think this is cool.
I had a good time, almost everyone taking one.
One man said "So you're the John Watt I've been reading and hearing about".


John Watt

Wow! I'm back after a snooze.
I look old and tired, but the line on my right side of my face isn't there in reality.
The camera did that.
One time, after midnight, when I was the only person on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls,
after Americans closed one bridge and had new security crossings for Americans,
I stood in the middle of the street at the top of the hill and took a photo looking down.
All the attractions had their lights on, the most lit up street in Canada.
The camera went half way down the road and then curved the sides together,
making curbs, sidewalks, trees and blurred lights, creating it's own scene.
You can see how the natural daylight in the background is too bright,
and it's an overcast day without all the sunlight.

That's my favorite font for taller lettering, Franklin extended bold.
Even the sign doesn't look straight, the camera lens bending that.
My outdoors Sony camera was stolen, using this indoors portrait Samsung.
I also made the antique looking round sign you see beside me,
wanting that in the photo.

You might have to put up with a couple of more audio-videos of me playing guitar,
before I can get into jamming with yours. It's strange for me, playing with these electronics.
If I was playing piano with the camera at my back, that would be a lot easier.
Looking at this photo, I should have had the top button on my shirt done up.
I started off that way, but walking with the strap and getting statements out of my tote bag,
must have loosened it up. Sorry Eduardo. I know you're more stylish than that.

Here's a young teenager music joke you might not have heard in English in Brazil.
What's better than roses on a piano? Tulips on an organ.
Yowza! They shoot horses, don't they?
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I just noticed that three previous posts have the same posting number.
When this domain went down during the rebuild, like most others,
I lost a lot of posts or I'd be over 3,000 now.
The more you post the more photos you can use.
I don't want to lose that.

I'm editing to say I looked and there are five with 2,808.
If I thought the admins weren't looking,
I'd get into some 40hz comments.

I checked that the setting is "ON" to count posts in this forum area towards total post count.
I'll keep searching for a solution though.

John Watt

Krummhorn! When I saw your name as posting here I thought a big "whoa", kinda like Keanu as a surfer dude.
I appreciate you looking into it, but check this out.
I never typed "If I thought the admins weren't looking, I'd get into some 40hz comments".
I do know the implication of loud 40hz.
Hard rock geriatrics, mainly drummers, who ate mostly cold pizza and McDonalds in the morning are known for that.
I can't be typing here and look back at a previous page,
but I did say something like add it up admins, something like that.

This is not a complaint about admin interference, what can be a joy to behold,
just like I'm not complaining about meeting a family and then a young student from Denmark this week.

I'm concerned about excess bandwidth and too much electricity being used by computers.
If you could delete my photo library, now around twenty pages, I'd be down with that.
I save photos and scans on discs, so I'm not losing anything.

I heard you admins were too easy.
Someone told me you went into a convenience store and bought something for $7.
When you gave the clerk a twenty he put it in the till and started to walk away.
You said where's my change, and he turned and said change comes from within.
You walked away, happy with that.
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Hello John. How are you, my friend?

I liked your style! I had already noticed while watching those videos.

What I to tell you about is that you should not worry about playing with my songs. It has to come naturally. It would be awesome but it can wait. Don't let the pressure come in. I find the online thing a good thing for us, John. We have the liberty to do whatever we want and explore as we please. You and everybody (myself included) just need to find a proper way to do it.

We, for example, wouldn't have met each other if it wasn't for this outlet here. What I think is that a lot of people are producing bad content for internet. But a lot are doing good things. The ones who believe truly in what they are doing music-wise. I want and hope to be on that side.

You play very well and I wish to hear and watch you more. Maybe an original song? Just saying...

Have a good weekend, John!

John Watt

alcaponedudu! Yes, so far it's been a very good weekend. People say I'm becoming legendary.
The statements I handed out, with people looking at my domain, has created intense attraction.

I have Altec Lansing bass powered computer speakers, but I can't use them with my computer.
There is no room at all. I thought I could move my computer, but the wire is stretched out as far as possible already.
That means I'll have to play your recording through tiny Dell stick speakers. I hope that works out.
For sure, I'll be making another video today, wanting to try my wah-wah pedal.
I will sing part of an original song for you, so we have something we both have shared.

When I made these videos with me playing electric guitar for the first time,
they were done after midnight, where I had to be quiet.
I've been working with my friend in the store upstairs all day, now 3:30 in the afternoon,
and he leaves around 5:00. I'll see if I can get into it then so I can sing louder.

I have a happy thought about making YouTube videos.
When "ghetto blasters" first came out, bands would use them to record practices,
so you could listen to yourself and see how you sounded, and what you played.
I won't be thinking that exactly, because now it's about how I sound and look online.

You might wonder why I'm here half-way through the afternoon.
I couldn't find last night or this morning, the address not going anywhere.
After I put my videos up on Kijiji, as if I'm auditioning online for people looking for a guitarist,
guess what kind of reactions I've been getting on the street and in the store?
Other musicians are showing me their hands, the scars and knobby joints,
describing accidents and injuries that prevent them from playing.
I never punched anything with my fists, and always watch out for my fingers.

What you say about bad internet content is true, especially YouTube videos, including my own.
That's what got me going, seeing bad guitarists with bad tone teaching guitar lessons.
I shut down the computer, grabbed my camera, strapped on my guitar and got into it,
whatever it is.

And just what do you mean, saying I "play very well"? huff huff!
If I had a jazz bassist and drummer behind me, I'd sound like John Coltrane in heat.
You say "truly believe in what they are doing".
That's nice, but it's the feeling I get from you that is the most important,
or I wouldn't be here.
Sometimes, another musician asks me why I visit and jam with them,
when they're not a professional, or have inexpensive equipment.
I say it's the feeling that keeps me coming back.
You know that.

John Watt

Okay! It was very busy today for the store, for the landlords down from Toronto,
the end of the month when the cheques come out, but I scored.
I got a small side table and a long computer wire for my powered bass sound system.
It's too late now to make any YouTube video, but I should be getting into it tomorrow.
The man I've been painting an apartment for stopped in today, after I've been gone five days,
to say he's not ready to start painting for a few more days.
He also has to collect some rent before he can pay me.
This is time for myself.
I'm going to experiment with a camera stand to get the best possible perspective.
Too bad I won't be able to use my "Are You Experienced" backdrop and previous lighting.
It's not even midnight. I'm going to fire up my guitar and play with both Crybabys,
and see if one works better than the other.

John Watt

alcaponedudu! Life was very smooth today, different opportunities I like flowing along.
It's way after midnight, so I'm not going to be doing a wah-wah video, but...
I bought a mask from a Christian benefit shop I donate and shop at, for $1.
This way, I won't have to worry about showing my face to do stand-up videos.
I could have got a really nice angry Hulk mask, but I picked Iron Man instead.
I'll cut the eyes for my glasses, make a mouth so you can hear me,
and try to paint it to look like Jimi Hendrix, blending myself with my backdrop, if I can.
If I used the Hulk mask I'd try to paint it to look like Jack Black singing AC/DC.

I might sound upbeat, but I know I'm in the eye of our local criminal-political hurricane,
and if I want to survive to the next year as a functioning person I have to get away.
Just when I got back to my apartment this afternoon, to do change my sound system,
and do a video, the apartment owner pulled up and asked if I could paint some doors.
I went to get some pop and chips at a store owned by a couple from India, friends,
and he wrote out the name of two books that are older than 5,000 years.
I phoned my book store in St. Catharines and asked them to find some copies.
Live and learn, that's what life is all about.
yeah... too bad some people teach you things you really don't want to know.

John Watt

Oh no! I'm having senior citizen thoughts!
This is a fabulous, simply fabulous, concept for a new band of senior citizens with long-time financial resources.
You could call a band "The Card Players", and have a new theme.
If you swipe our equipment we can collect more insurance money than the gig pays.

Thinking about what has been stolen from me, and only in my home town of Welland,
is enough to make me feel like getting the Crybaby out for some serious wah-wahing.

John Watt

Don't ask me why I'm getting off so much making lonely, solo YouTube videos.
If you want to, you can blame alcaponedudu for getting me going. He's next.

This is my longest video, over eight and a half minutes long.
If there were tubes in this portable amp and they were heating up,
it would smell like the sixties as much as it sounds.
Me and my Crybaby wah-wah pedal,
the original product, a major find in a buy and sell shop in Niagara Falls.
$60, when a new one that's not the same costs over $180.

John Watt

alcaponedudu, Eduardo, if I ever start doing videos of myself, jamming along with YouTube, CDs or cassettes,
it might never end. That never-ending process, made possible by rechargeable batteries for my camera,
with the free electricity and high speed online that I have, might keep me inside here forever.
It's too chilly out now, with some rain on and off every day, so I'm not playing outside any more.

Maybe I'll send a suggestion to the Jimi Hendrix estate about new product.
I'll say I've never seen a Jimi Hendrix karaoke CD, where his songs are minus the vocals.
I'll say that's not what makes karaoke hot for Jimi fans,
saying they should put out tunes from the Band of Gypsies minus his lead guitar,
and other songs that are basically long jams over a rhythm track with droning bass riffs and drums.
Yeah! Karaoke for guitar players... I can see a roomful of guitarists waiting for their chance,
to bring their guitars up onstage to plug in and play along.
Around here, no doubt that would be a majority of seniors into "classic rock".

I'm not sure what classic rock is any more.
After hearing the Danish National Symphony Orchestra play the theme from
"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", I'm not sure what classical music is either.
And they looked too serious.


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Hello my dear friend John. Sorry for taking so long to answer. I've been really busy lately. Nice to know that everything is ok with you.

Loved the story you bought yourself a mask. That's really cool. There's a guitar player named Buckethead. Have you ever heard of him? If you haven't, please check it out. He plays like a maniac. It's not my cup of tea but I like him anyway. He uses a white mask and a KFC bucket on his head! I would like to know your take regarding his playing.

This weekend we're having presidential election here in Brazil. Everydody's going nuts. The most likely scenario is going to be between and ex-army member vs a left-wing candidate. For me it’s the worst scenario. My candidate is running in fourth place today. Don’t know if he’s going to make it.

But we’re not for this kind of **. We’re here to celebrate a greater cause: music! Maybe this was your best video so far. I liked what you played especially when you got more distortion and gain.

Your way and style of playing is really diferent than mine and all my influences. That’s awesome. I get to learn and experience new things as I’m watching you.
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John Watt

alcaponedudu! Seeing you and reading what you say is just what I need right now, this long night.
You said "I get to learn and experience new things as I'm watching you".
That's why I'm so troubled tonight.
I'm seeing myself and experiencing new feelings, new sensations about myself.
It's not good. Look what I'm doing, digging my pick into a blast from the past.
I'm seeing the old John Watt, who never played an original Jimi Hendrix song onstage,
looking more Jimi than ever before, even if it's a persona, and I'm starting to believe it.
I'm getting off watching the Jimi Hendrix face on my t-shirt move around as I'm playing,
but that's about it. I'd give anything to have some drums and bass and other instruments.
That's what I always did, play in bands, big bands. Me watching me is too lonely.
This was what, rocking out, raunching out, playing fried out, getting freaky with it.
What am I supposed to do now, show how I can play imitation steel and violin for country?

My Kijiji ads are getting lots of views, but I never got one single reply.
I was hoping to get invited to some jams, even if it's retired seniors, but nothing.
I could take some experimental photos and position the camera better.
I could take my KFC bucket and put it over my head, with my Iron Man mask,
and break through my Jimi backdrop, shredding it with a knife stuck in the end of a light saber,
slashing through my past, before I scannabalize my life by making another video.

I know I not only play the way I play depending on who I'm playing with,
I also play the way I sound.
I better get my first semi-solid-body together, to be as real as I can be.

When Kentucky Fried Chicken started to expand around the world,
the State of Kentucky sued them for using Kentucky in their name.
To avoid a lawsuit against the State they changed the name to KFC.
And just like Buckethead, my guitar playing is finger licking good.
Oh no! That is classic rock talk, being greasy. Now you have to be sticky.
Please pass me the maple syrup, instead of the gravy.

And you didn't take too long to answer.
I made a flurry of postings, and that's not your style.

I bought a brand new Fuzz Face. I should try messing around with that.
oh yeah... that means I get to lick some 9-volt batteries to see which one is the strongest.
My political moves? I notice a lot of people really looking at me wherever I go.

tonight... I wish I was sitting on top of an ancient site, high up in the mountains,
playing a flute with the wind from the mountains, watching the sky in all its' glory.
I wouldn't be thinking about building a tube for the water with a generator at the bottom,
to fire up an electric guitar and amplifier, with a stereo P.A.,
I'd let my mind run with the water, down the mountain, along the river run, to the ocean.
That's where I would end up floating, as the world spins around me, before I drift to the shore.
"Spin Cycle", a new single from a washed out player, with "Spun Out" as a B-side.
I feel like I'm putting myself out there, but all I'm finding out is there is no more out there,
except for you, my fine friend, always a very good person to read about.