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My name is Mr. Farplay a multi genre performer, songwriter, promoter, film producer, music producer and recording engineer from south florida with ten years experience. I run a moble studio with private clients throughout Florida and expanding into neighboring southern states. Before the music bug I was a 8 year Army soldier and I turned down my bonus and promotion to persue music fulltime. Best wort decision I ever made. I have managed local hip hop, promoted shows, funded shows, created acts ran labels etc. So I have done everything except mastering and I leave that to my man Brian at Premier Mastering. I'm multi genre oriented bt will eventually settle into party hip hop(remember when rap music was fun and nobody died? lol) r&b soul and blues, but will continue to produce pop, hip hop, r&b alternative etc. So drop a line so I can check you out because I listen to everything! and you can check me out sometimes! Oh yeah and I will be Indie till the day I die! Had a taste of the Industry life, wasn't for me! Maybe it's the Day Laborer in me! lol

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Welcome aboard mrfairplay,

I sincerely wish you a cheery time amongst great people on this forum - Please do make yourself feel very much at home here.


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Hello and welcome. Look forward to your musical contributions (particularly any r and b)