"Like a Flame", a new year's wish list purchase.

John Watt

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Is it possible to mail a Canadian money order and receive "Like a Flame" in the mail?
Could you give me a price? I would rather do business through magle.dk.
My new residential c.d. players and headphones are waiting,
as are the dark and cold winter nights, needing some musical heat.

"Dreams are in my heart, and dreams are where it starts, for You.
The dreams that are in control, are the dreams that are in my soul, about You."

I've got new dreams all ready. An inspiring new soundtrack will help.

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John Watt

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I see an admin moved me, in a different way than musical commentary,
and I was hoping an admin would step in with an offer about "Like a Flame".
I'll never have online credit, and I can't swim over the Pacific.
But money orders are free for me, with my new senior's account.
I'd like getting into "Like a Flame" to be my sixtieth year of life opening to deeper musicianship.
The events of my life have prepared me for a new output of musical expression.
I'm turning down gigs already, preparing my new guitar, p.a., wardrobe, and studio.
"Like a Flame" will be the fourth musical c.d. I've bought for myself.
This can only be seen as a compliment to my three Jimi Hendrix c.d.'s, an overdub symphony master.
"Moon, turn the tides, gently, gently away, a merman I would be".

I don't feed my brain through headphones, lying in the dark, with just any music. It's too intense.
My musical mind needs the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle's input, to define some unexplored regions.

Five years online, still finding it fine to rhyme and dine on the hearty commentary of Magle.dk,
even if I'm now not just an electric lead guitarist-vocalist, but an electric-symphonic vocalist.
"dreams are in my heart, I hear the dreams that are in your charts, for you".

This request has unintended benefits. I never found this part of the domain before,
and even though I'm not in position to be able to listen right now, there is estimable content here.
Thanks again, anon admin.
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Did you see this link for Like A Flame?

It shows several venues for obtaining it through different sources. It is a terrific album set and in my collection, too.

I was the 'anon' who moved the post ... thought it applied better as a question for Frederik Magle as opposed to where it was before.

John Watt

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Administrator Krummhorn! Thanks for helping me out.
As a professional musician I can imagine all the avenues to purchase a disc.
I was hoping someone here would sell me one, doing business within the domain.
Buying a product in Canada wouldn't make the Denmark origin exciting any more.
And that excitement is not a matter of trust.
Finding this domain has generated various pop-ups on some computers,
warning me that the online application of ownership isn't viable as secure online,
but typing that has just made me think the dk. stands for Denmark. That's cool.

Typing "anon admin" was more a matter of rhyme than any sarcastic inference.
I'm going outside after this. You can feel the warmth of the sun outside,
there's no snow, it's not freezing or windy, and my bicycle is bugging me.
Thanks again. I'll wait and see what happens.


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Hi John,

I know you weren't being sarcastic ... :)

Frederik Magle would be the only one who could sell this to you from within the domain (forum). He has, in fact, read this thread, and I'm hoping he will reply directly to you on this matter.

John Watt

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Uh-oh, now I'm starting to feel like I'm expecting special treatment, if you involve the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle.
I really thought a member or an admin might want to wrap one up and give me a price for mailing.
Yes, I am of Scottish descent, having to make money if I want to spend it,
but this money order thing is what's making this feasible for me, financially.
When Canadian banking laws changed, Ontario too, part of that was the "day of business".
Banks would have a teller where the paperwork was dated the next day, or the previous day, overlapping.
That's against the law now. Back then, I switched to Avondale Convenience Stores for money orders.
American Express sold them for $1, good for the U.S. too. Banks were over eight dollars plus plus.
Now, after the new American border security, a money order needs to be signed by a bank manager,
and anything I write on it, even the account number or serial number of the purchase, voids it.
That's a minumum $27 for a money order, with no regard for destination or amount.

Sure, thinking someone who wants to get ambitious and mail me a c.d. might make a few dollars is fine.
Considering the nature of c.d.'s as a product, used ones with the original packaging are just as good for me.
I'm saving a lot, and besides, I want to do business with magle.dk, some real online activity for me.
If life was as good as I'd like it to be, I'd be shaking hands with Frederik Magle, if he was promoting publicly,
after a concert in Ontario where I was in attendance.
I'd also be very interested in seeing his hands, what shape they're in from his extensive keyboard use,
and getting advice about maintaining these both sensitive and structural body parts.
I always say fifteen minutes on a piano is like two hours on guitar.

Frederik Magle is a difficult listen. He combines both complete cathedral artistry and historic appreciation,
but gets into tone and movement of sound through a far more difficult mechanical process than I can imagine.
I hear everything that interests me as a musician, with more elements of musicianship all together than I'm used to.
It's wonderful for me to think there's another, wider experience of sounds and technical mastery, like Jimi Hendrix,
only immediate, not over-dubbed, and beyond my imagination.
Listening for half an hour, an hour, lying in the dark with my headphones on, will expand my mind, and hopefully,
I'll start understanding and finding a similar expression in my playing.

Yeah, I'm venting, but what you said about Frederik Magle reading this thread gives me an idea.
It might seem not worth the effort, at first, or just for me.
Maybe there could be an addition to the domain, with a mailing address for orders.
Not everyone has online credit. Most North Americans don't trust it. I've been ripped off by MasterCard.
That's right. I bought a pre-loaded card that couldn't be accepted by the domain I bought it for.
By the time I could contact an employee directly the card has been consumed by fees.
Over forty dollars, gone without even being able to mail a letter to complain.

If mailing a c.d. is seen as a personal effort here, merely autographing it would enable a more respectful pricing.
That would make it more exciting for me, even if it's nowhere near hearing him live in performance.
Imagine being Frederik Magle, able to walk into any music store that has any kind of keyboard,
and being able to riff out dramatically with all sensitivities to sound, creating immediate and new acoustic realities.
Besides, I am of Scottish descent and would consider it a small payment to make,
considering the many hours and years of enjoyment when I can freely access this domain.

And I emphasize, this would be the fourth c.d. and only non Jimi c.d. I have for personal headphone listening.
And if Frederik Magle included a piece of broken keyboard ivory, and I bet he makes a few of those too,
I'd be having something to inlay into my new guitar, a global symbol for where I want music to take me.
Yes, yes, I can take a dive into the diva myself, if you let me. Even Corno Dolce might engender some Bach'l'nailya,
or Maglificent wistfullness.
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John Watt

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I was visiting a friend for some late night TV viewing,
and I got talking about this domain and "Like a Flame".
He said, "Watch this", and got a pop can and sat it upside down.
He poured some perfume on it and lit it, both of us watching the dancing flames,
and smelling it like incense.
I'm really hoping to get an autographed copy.

John Watt

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I might have been reduced to a slow simmer, not like a flame,
but I'm still hovering around this thread, waiting.
Not waiting like Phil Collins, or getting in to get out or getting out to get in,
just simmering.


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It will be worth the wait, believe me :) I'm hoping Frederik will respond to you ... he is an extremely busy man though.

Not only have I heard the Jørlunde Frobenius organ in person, and being played by Frederik, but I played a concert on it when I was vacationing in Denmark during the summer of 2010.

It is a fantastic organ to hear and see, and even more spectacular to play ... Frederik had to pry my fingers off the keyboard when it was time to leave.

John Watt

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You're teasing me. I've been visiting pianos to play when I can.
That's wonderful, definitely, but I like to change sounds and make lots of noise.
It's one thing to make different sounds like Jimi Hendrix and overdub them,
but it's another thing to play live and alternate and maintain various sonics.
Not being another Jimi Hendrix means co-opting classical and more jazz.

Believe me, I wasn't expecting a response from the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle.
And I'll send my money order first. I would trust any admin and many members here.

John Watt

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Since when are the quiet yearnings of my heart ever fulfilled?

When the decommisioned submarine was passing through the Welland canal,
on the way to a Lake Erie scrapyard I ride past on my long distance bike-hikes,
I wanted to get a piece of wire to use as a ground in my new guitar.
It would have been a deep underwater connection, swimming with whales.
When I phoned, twice, the receptionist only said I can't trespass or enter the sub.
That's not what I wanted, saying I could place an order, but I wasn't taken seriously.

When my good friend Jack Armbrust was having his final health problems, I visited to sit and talk.
That was nice, sitting outside all afternoon, but I didn't bring my guitar.... or...
get a small piece of wood from his bench or tool he made, for an inlay on my new guitar.
I would have hired him to do that and maybe some purfling if he was up to it.

This is a global thing, except for my domain, my only global thing.
It's odd that I gravitated to a Denmark domain for a classical organist,
but these forums offered the greatest challenge and the nicest rewards.
I thank Corno Dolce for this. All, totally informative.
I'm still looking, not like looking at the window and seeing my own lonely reflection,
but looking, looking, wanting to listen with all musical intent.
My life is changing, and my music is changing. I want to be as best as I can be.
I am "The Fount of Font & The Earl of Url". Typeface that, and you can phonetic me any time.

John Watt

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Thanks for the encouragement teddy.
Just this morning I began changing my art room to a finish my guitar room.
I've always had only one electric guitar, my instrument.
This new design, as featured on Harmony Central, the biggest and oldest music domain online,
saw me setting new records for replies, views, and contentious and hater debates.
George Gruhn, www.gruhn.com, started emailing me, sometimes three times a day,
after I described my guitar through his appraisal page. He invited my guitar down, even without me.
That's just the guitar.

I've got what I consider to be a new symphonic electric approach to electric guitar,
incorporatiing many traditional violin, cello, and Jack Armbrust acoustic guitar structure in my new guitar,
with many similar musical contents available only to having four octaves on each string, without harmonics,
or electrical effects.

I've also got new songs, and many old songs to update.
Posting here at Magle.dk is my global release, for everything, so far.
Better than that, locally, jams and bands and gigs are waiting, inspiring me.
"Dreams are in my heart, and dreams are where it starts, with You.
The dreams that are in control, are the dreams that are in my soul, about You".
Please, give me a few weeks. I only pay for online, as of now.

John Watt

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teddy! You motivated me, and I think, better than asking to simply listen,
I wrote out a chorus with notes and chords asking members the help decide.
"Is your organ at hand? A keys question about a note and a chord",
in the classical forum. I typed that you motivated me. You did.

When I say I'm only paying for online, that means I only pay and don't make money.
The first profit I made with a digital camera occurred because I was the only one present
during a late night fire of a historic Welland building, selling discs I made the next day.
The police and firemen asked for copies, their only video record.
That's what gave me the idea to go back the next day.

I'm not residential online, what greatly interferes with my posting rhythm here.
Other members might like that. Who knows. Actually, The Who never knew.
They just blew.

And to be completely open and honest with you teddy,
some of my historic and modern religious comments might offend
the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle, considering some of the gigs he gets.
Maybe this is teaching me a lesson I don't want to learn.

John Watt

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Seeing "teddy the meek" got a rise out of me.
You're right about being bold. I've been too observational lately,
not like a grandfather giving his grandkids room to grow,
but letting younger musicians get off thinking I've been there, won that.
No-one ever paid me to just be standing around watching.

An old friend drove over from Port Colborne to give me some guitar wood,
from a friend who just passed away. Kingwood from Columbia and a little ebony.
I'm going to try an inlay or carving to add to my latest guitar.
I thought the Kingwood was dense mahogany until I held it, very heavy.
It does have a light streak running along one edge, and is orangey-brown.

John Watt

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I mentioned the incredible stink of trying to make clamshell inlays,
like some kind of dead dinosaur, using a Dremel tool,
and my friend said ivory dust is toxic and fatal.
I didn't know that.

John Watt

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Even the rhino head with the replica horn was taken down by thieves,
ripping of the horn, just the other day.
I'm glad I don't need those kinds of suppliments.
Being a born-again virgin has it's rewards.