Outrage in Britain

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I can't get my head around the fact that an innocent British soldier was slaughtered in broad daylight whist on his way back to barracks on a busy London street. And then his killer--another self-styled "jihadist"--has the temerity to mug for the cameras --weapon still in hand--and brag about what he and his cohort had just done. My sincerest respect goes to the woman who confronted him. My deepest condolences go out to this young soldier's family and friends.
He was doing nothing more than loyally serving his country, and he becomes a victim on his own streets, those which he was defending. And of course, as it always seems to be the way these dastardly affairs go, the good guy dies, while the two {substitute whatever term you want here, as I simply cannot bring myself to term them "human"} survive, even after being shot by police.
What a great world, huh?
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The knee jerk reaction by some UK nationalist fanatics is to be deplored also, whilst I agree with some of their immigration control policies, violence is not the way forward; not sure if it was related but there was a police presence outside a local mosque here over 100 miles away.

even after being shot by police.
Doesn't say much for our police marksmanship does it?!


The soldier had recently returned unscathed from a tour of Afghanistan. Ironically. One of the fanatics tried to fire off an old pistol which exploded and blew off part of his hand. A local mosque was vandalised which although I do not condone I do understand. The ordinary decent Moslems need to do more to disassociate themselves from terrorism and show ever body that they disapprove of these acts of terrorism. An announcement from the general council is not sufficient. Lets see them marching against terrorism in the streets.