What is your favorite genre?


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Hello, I'm Andrey and I'm a musician named IHOS. I was wondering what kind of music do you prefer to listen to?

I've been into music for since I remember myself and I've got plenty of music producers (various genres) I enjoy listening to. So I find it pretty interesting if we share our favorite genres and music producers we love so that we could know something new for each of us, couldn't we? )

By the way if you're interested in Hard Techno genre, I collect great ones into my Spotify Playlists (the link is HERE). There are over 100 powerful tracks =) Click Like for a chance to listen to the latest tracks I will add =) That's not an AD or something, just in case maybe you'll really like it, why not =)

Anyway I'll be waiting for the discussion about all this stuff. That's pretty interesting to know)

iwan ruby

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i listen to various kinds of music, and usually the type of music i listen to is always adjusted to or where i am..
but if i had to choose i would choose metal genre! the reason is simple, because i grew up with that kind of music and i also play that kind of genre..


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I like a lot of different kinds of music (blues, rock, country, folk, bluegrass, classical) but what i like most is opera.


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For long trips in the car, classical music, in particular, classical organ.

For around town, errands, easy listening, classic rock stations on the radio. Those stations also give traffic updates which are helpful, too.

Henrik Stromberg

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