R.I. P. Peter Falk

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R. I. P. Peter Falk

I just learned that one of my favorite actors of all time--Peter Falk--has died at the age of 84.
May you rest in peace Mr. Falk. The enjoyment you provided to myself and millions of others around the world with your portrayal of Columbo will never be forgotten nor surpassed.
Thank You!
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I was very sad when I read this in the news today. A quality actor in a quality show. I think I've seen every one of the Columbo films.

"Just one more thing.."


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He will be greatly missed. He gave an enjoyable performance in every role he took on. A marvelous comedian and a dedicated serious actor with a warm personality. We shall not see his like again!



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I'll never forget all his stellar performances as 'Columbo' ... including that oft used false exit line "just one more thing".

Lots of great actors have died this year ... including another favorite of mine, James Arness.


It does seem the clock is ticking away these days. LIke Lars said many of the old standards actors & musicians have passed with in the last year or so, May They Rest In Peace


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Bill, Ticking away?? it is positively galloping like mad