What jazz have you been listening to today?


Ah, W C Handy. Just been listening to some of his music on YouTube, including St Louis Blues



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jelly roll Morton--the essential jelly roll Morton 2cds -avid
jack teagarden--jazz maverick-roulette
jack teagarden--T for trombone-society


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e.s.t. plays monk. (their best album)
Oscar Peterson -tristeza
serge chaloff-the fable of mable


Last night it was Caught and Spark - Joni Mitchell

Must get Mingus by her as well (been saying that for ages)



Pat Metheny - As Falls Wichita and Letters From Home.

I know a lot of purists don't like him but,,,,,,,,



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jack teagarden-bobby Hackett--jazz ultimate-capitol
jack teagarden-bobby Hackett--coast concert-capitol

John Watt

Hey! I met Jeff Healey when he was just starting out in Toronto,
hanging out in a bar where I was playing.
I don't know if "now in Dixieland" is a reference to style or musical heaven,
because he passed away many years now.

When he played an outdoor Festival in Welland, my home town,
he did "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", wailing away on that.
That's the Beatles song I've jammed out on the most,
and still do that, Jeff Healey style with a Hendrix influence.
I sing it a little more r'n'b, a vocal evolution from my choir boy days.

I gotta hit on you old guys, being 65 my next birthday.
And believe me, I know, no-one ever asks for free old man talk.

Recording tape, one inch tape, captures the most volume and tone.
That's what came in three heavy, flat cans to movie houses to project.
And that took an arc welder "flame" to show that on the big screen,
with a union projectionist.
Anything from thinner tape to modern cassette players, are lesser versions.

Modern digitals are amazing. I'd want to instantly review my movie scene, if I was a director.
But digitals are about being small, and that's everything.
Set up an old, three-way speaker cassette player and compare it to satellite signal.
You might end up looking up at the stars and wondering why it's coming down on you.

Hey Gord! I just noticed your location is Niagara Falls.
I ride along the river on long distance bike-hikes all the time.
Some of my signs are still showing in restaurant windows,
long time work for me, and outside as ATMs, one busy summer.

Do you ever go into the old Maple Leaf on Lundy's Lane?
It's run down now, but I almost spent a summer playing there.

Oh yeah! My new jazz listen, very nice.
Kye Marshall Jazz Quintet, "Say When".
Kye Marshall, cello, Don Thompson, piano, Kevin Barrett, guitar,
Jim Vivian, bass with Terry Clarke on drums.

Seeing Terry Clarke is what made me pick it, getting $1 CD's.
I bought 14 CD's, nice to try different products,
but only put that one in my listening collection,
and kept Toni Braxton for "Unbreak My Heart", a song I sing.

when I'm alone and down on these forums,
and it's my heart that I'm laying with these lines,
I think about all your kind and gentle responses,
when I come back to log in one more time.
unedit my font, oh baby, let me type just one more time,
unedit my font, get crazy, let's all drop some lyrical rhymes.

I'm editing just to add, after all these years, bands and music business,
I have 27 CD's as a permanent listening collection. One is TINKICKER.
No albums or record player, cassettes as souvenirs, no cassette player.
I'm owning a TV for the first time, these last four years.
No cable, news is disturbing, free DVD's at the library,
and used DVD's going for no more than $3 at retail storefronts.
DVD movie packages, twenty movies, can be $1, with Brad Pitt on the cover.
I watch more movies than I listen to music.
No radio station can do it for me, and they are upsetting too,
all corporate Hollywood and Bell take-overs, here in Ontario.
I don't need to wake up to some exciting Toronto news,
about some American music starlet who turned down millions to show her breasts.
However breathlessly discussed.
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I was going to see Charlie Haden live a few years back. I had already bought the tickets but the event got rescheduled and then, eventually, cancelled, due to Charlie's health issues. I was saddened to learn about his death in 2014. The albums he recorded with Barron and Jarrett - lovely piano/bass duos - will alway be among my favourites. Good bye, Charlie!


John Watt

Miles Davis "Doo-Bop"

Miles was in the building when two hip-hop producers got him,
and asked him to play over some of their tracks.
These are Miles last recordings.

Little White

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The past month it has been the final years of Mile's live stuff- not sure why- a couple months ago it was Chick Corea (who played Toronto last night)-it started with me practicing pentatonics over 4ths ala McCoy Tyner which spread into quartel chords and I stumbled onto the Gm voicings of "Tutu" and put on that album.(Gm/Gm 6/9/Gaug #11 Eb/G etc)- so that will be stuck into my head for the morning- it will pass- could be Bill Evans by dinner lol.