Death and The Human Condition

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If you were given the option to know in advance the date certain of your own demise, would you choose to use it? Or, do you believe that we are better off as things stand at present, not really knowing, at least in most instances?
Do you think that as a species in general, human beings as a whole would be "happier"--or at least more secure--in having this fore-knowledge or not? Furthermore, would it spur us to live more meaningful and purpose-driven lives if we were to be armed with such a graphic and clear understanding of just how finite and short our sojourn on this earth in fact really is?
For one who has been grappling with this philosophical question for some time now and has come to no firm conclusions on it, I would most certainly welcome your thoughts and input on this topic.

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Dear Steve,

You touch upon a very existential question. Personally, I am happiest when I am in a constant state of preparation for my segue from the performance stage called "Life". There is no dress rehearsal - One is "Live, On Stage 24/7 365". Most humans would be ready for the Asylum for the Psychopathologically Insane if they knew when the exact moment of their death would happen.


That's a bit deep Steve! Personally I'm not too worried, I've had a good innings, but there are still some things I'd like to do, people I'd like to meet, places I'd like to see. Just play the hands you're dealt, as, and when, they come.


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I have to agree with Mike on this matter.

I too have too many things in my 'bucket list' to do yet in life. When all those things will be completed remains unknown, and knowing that I had a certain death date to complete all things on my list would be most aggravating.

I take life one day at a time ... when the end comes, it comes, and hopefully I'll be playing at an organ console when it does.

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@ Dorsetmike and Krummhorn, Very well put by both of you gentlemen, and fair enough. Thank You.


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Some of our bearded brethren think that by slaughtering the Infidel etc they will go to Heaven with a load of Virgins and perhaps they should be given a bit of assistance? ^^
I prefer to stay in ignorance, it is a state that I am used to
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I feel it is better not to know. The best we can do is try to live every day as if today might be our last.

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Thanx Krummhorn,

Thou spakest of "Bucket List" - Ah yes, but, I perceive also that one will still "miss the mark", for without Faith it will be problematical.


We are all in control. to some extent, of our destiny. Nearly all of us can chose when to sign out. With a family to care for there might well be times when a fore knowledge would be useful. I would be most upset if I was suffering a terminal illness and was not informed. There are too many things to put in place to protect my family. Projects to be shelved which could not be completed in time. Opportunities to be taken while there is still a chance. It would mainly be a two edged sword as there might be a tendency to be reckless. Maybe you really would shoot your boss the day before. I could go on for hours. Ignorance is bliss? Maybe



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Do I wish to know when the end is nigh? No I don't, I admit it does make one prepare, but I shall just live the best life I can. When my time is here is not my choice, knowing the exact date would for me be a little scary.